Current projects

  1. Professor Matthew Groves, ‘The impact of human rights law and common law principles upon the interpretation of legislation in Australia’.

    This project examines when and how statutory and common law mechanisms to protect rights can affect the use of discretionary powers by public officials.  The recent book D Meagher and M Groves (eds), The Principle of Legality in Australia and New Zealand (2017, Federation Press) was a part of this project.  The next significant book in this project will be M Groves, D Meagher and J Boughey, The Legal Protection of Rights in Australia (forthcoming with Hart Publishing in early 2019).

  2. Professor Matthew Groves, ‘The nature of fairness in government decision making’.

    This project examines the principles governing fairness developed by courts in judicial review, and the requirements of fairness in tribunal processes.  It also examines the interplay between common law interpretive principles and legislative powers, which reflects the view of the High Court of Australia that the requirements of fairness depend heavily on their particular context.  Research outputs from this project include M Aronson, M Groves and G Weeks, Judicial Review of Administrative Action and Government Liability (7th ed, Thomson Reuters, 2017) and M Groves and G Weeks, Legitimate Expectations in the Common Law World (2017, Hart Publishing).