About the Centre

The Research Centre for Legislation, Interpretation and Drafting is a strategic initiative that aims to foster excellence in legislation and its development, drafting, interpretation and evaluation. Key stakeholders, including parliamentary counsel who draft legislation in each Australian jurisdiction, agree that there is a critical need to promote knowledge of and foster excellence in the various facets of legislation. The complexity of legislation and lack of understanding of the law of interpretation can at times result in unnecessary legal complexity and affect justice and access to the law.

It is vital that, if we are to achieve just outcomes and uphold the rule of law, we support the work of parliamentary counsel and the courts. The Centre for Legislation, Interpretation and Drafting will develop links between parliaments, the executive, judiciary and leading academics to develop and deepen our understanding of legislation, interpretation and drafting.

The Centre’s membership includes key national and international scholars, senior judges, members of the bar and government lawyers, as well as parliamentary counsel across Australian jurisdictions and internationally. The Centre will draw on this membership to develop collaborative research partnerships, conduct significant research, hold expert symposia, and provide professional development opportunities.

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