Parallel session 1

Parallel session listing for Monday 12 February 11:30 am -1:30 pm

Room 1: Insolvency Law

Room 2: Shareholder Rights around the World

Chair: Stephen Bottomley

Chee Keong Low: Balancing the Scales: Should We Have a Statutory Business Judgment Rule?

Alan K Koh: Shareholder Protection in Close Corporations and the Curious Case of Japan [DOC 64KB]

Anil Hargovan and Indrajit Dube; Corporate Governance Reforms in India – Issues and Challenges [DOC 13KB]

Room 3: (Mis)Using Corporate Groups

Chair: Gill North

Larelle (Ellie) Chapple, Victoria Clout and ThuPhuong Truong: The iron, the switch and the ASX-probe: Cleaning out the closet on backdoor listing [DOC 74KB]

Roman Tomasic and Jenny Fu; Legal Innovation and the Rescue of Large Corporate Groups: The Arrium Voluntary Administration

Richard Stevens: Kuwait Asia Bank EC v National Mutual Nominees Ltd revisited: The possible vicarious liability of a holding company for the delicts caused by its nominee directors on the board of its subsidiary. [DOC 13KB]