Modern Greek Studies Association of Australia and New Zealand

13th Biennial Conference

Modern Greek Studies at the Crossroads:
Language, Culture and Pedagogy in an Age of Disruption and Innovation

Date: 1 - 4 December 2016

Venue: Greek Centre for Contemporary Culture, 168 Lonsdale Street Melbourne

Cost: $50 (free for students)

The conference is organised by the Greek Studies Program in memory of its benefactor, Mr Anastassios Vassilogiannis.

Languages of the conference are both English and Greek.

Conference Programme [PDF 2.7MB]

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Welcoming the new age of 'disruption and innovation', the new Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull, declared this to be the most exciting time ever in the history of the Australian nation, with the potential to produce its finest hours.

This Conference will both explicitly consider the prospects for Modern Greek Studies in such a context and implicitly demonstrate how the various practitioners of the discipline are positioning their teaching and research to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Focusing on aspects of the present circumstances and recent past of Greece, Cyprus and the Greek Diaspora, the Conference will be especially concerned with their potential to attract the interest of Australian students and researchers and to secure the future of the discipline in Australian institutions.

Proposals are invited for papers based on the current research and/or teaching of all those involved in Modern Greek Studies in the broadest sense. It is envisaged that sessions will be devoted to:

  • Matters of pedagogy and curriculum development
  • New approaches to Modern Greek Studies
  • Teaching Greek as a foreign and heritage language
  • Greek literature and arts in national and post-national contexts
  • Greek Popular culture
  • Historical and contemporary flows of migration
  • Diasporic/Transnational identities and networks
  • The Greek identity in an increasingly globalized and interconnected world
  • Remembering and re-interpreting the Greek migration experience
  • Politics of Greek citizenship and belonging
  • The Greek crisis and the response of the diaspora
  • Literature and art of the Greek Diaspora
  • The impact of the European sovereign debt crisis on Greece's identity and position in the world
  • Greece and the European Union
  • The crisis and outward migration: brain-drain  Greece and the European Union
  • Historical culture and social memory: uses and abuses of the past
  • Social change during the 'crisis'
  • Cyprus in the arts or media today
  • Cypriot Studies
  • National and postnational Greek-Cypriot Literature and Arts

Keynote Speaker

Professor John Hajek
Professor John Hajek is Professor of Italian and a linguist in the School of Languages and Linguistics. He has held research fellowships in the UK and Australia. He is currently director of RUMACCC (Research Unit for Multilingualism and Cross-cultural Communication) and first past president of LCNAU (Languages and Cultures Network for Australian Universities).

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Organising Committee

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Mr Andonis Piperoglou
Dr Athanasios Spilias
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