Study options


Linguistics is offered as a major within our Bachelor of Arts and can be studied alongside a major from one of our other Humanities and Social Sciences discipline areas.


You can study a language by:

  • enrolling in a Bachelor of Arts
  • completing a Diploma in Languages alongside another La Trobe degree
  • studying a language as an additional major in another La Trobe degree (subject space permitting)
  • enrol in a single language subject as an elective

You can also consolidate your language skills by entering the Study Abroad program.


Bachelor of Arts
Students can expect to change careers up to 10 times over the course of their working life. When you study a language as part of a Bachelor of Arts, you can focus on your interests and career goals while increasing your appeal to employers around the world.

Diploma in Languages
Current students can enrol in a Diploma in Languages concurrently with most La Trobe undergraduate degrees.  Depending upon individual circumstances, students will have the opportunity to participate in exchange, 'in-country' studies or other self-funded short overseas programs, immersing themselves in the culture and language and potentially reducing the time needed for completion of the award.