Theatre and Drama

Immerse yourself in the dramatic world of performance and fuel your creative career

Theatre and Drama at La Trobe is practice-led. We study the history, theories and practices of theatre from Ancient Greece to the present and we make this theatre in short scenes, performance events, musical extravaganzas and full productions open to the public.

Whether you're on the stage or behind the scenes, your passion for theatre and drama will flourish through exposure to the creative community at La Trobe. You will have the opportunity to perform, direct and write plays and you'll be taught by experts in theatre theory, performance, theatre history, dramatic literature, genre studies and play criticism.

Why La Trobe?
  • Attend performance excursions and broaden your experience.
  • Experience performance-making and non-performing aspects of theatre production.
  • Learn from award-winning writers and film-makers, cutting-edge theatre directors, visual artists specialising in photography, painting, sculpture and drawing, and experts in the scholarship of literature, language and culture, theatre and drama, media arts and the visual.

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