Connecting our people

We offer all staff opportunities for mentoring and networking to create a connected University community.

Staff Mentoring Program

What is this program about?

The La Trobe Staff Mentoring Program is designed to create opportunities for connections between staff across campuses, colleges and schools, professions, cultures, genders, generations and mindsets. Effective mentoring relationships benefit the mentee, mentor and the organisation by promoting a development culture, increasing knowledge sharing and driving performance.

Click here to join our Mentoring Program or to access further information (intranet access only - staff login required)

La Trobe Women's Network

The La Trobe Women's Network is open to all people who identify as women working at the University. It was established to broaden the social and professional networks of women at the University by providing informal opportunities for professional development and mentoring. It is an excellent opportunity to be inspired by guest speakers, share ideas with colleagues and create informal channels of support. 

There is no need to apply for membership of the Network, as all people who identify as women will be invited to activities via email and University communications.