Our staff and students

Academic staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Professor Jan Nicholson Director, Inaugural Roberta Holmes Professorial Chair +61 3 9479 8810 j.nicholson@latrobe.edu.au
Assoc. Professor Lisa Amir Principal Research Fellow +61 3 9479 8775 l.amir@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Shannon Bennetts Research Officer, Transition to Contemporary Parenthood Program +61 3 9479 8763 s.bennetts@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Catherine ChamberlainSenior Research Fellow+61 3 9479 8799C.Chamberlain@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Amanda Cooklin Research Fellow, Transition to Contemporary Parenthood Program +61 3 9479 8803 a.cooklin@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Sharinne Crawford Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Transition to Contemporary Parenthood Program +61 3 9479 8794 s.crawford@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Méabh Cullinane Research Fellow +61 3 9479 8832 m.cullinane@latrobe.edu.au
Professor Della Forster Professor of Midwifery and Maternity Services Research +61 3 9479 8783 d.forster@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Stacey HokkeResearch Officer, Transition to Contemporary Parenthood Program s.hokke@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Leesa HookerPost-doctoral Research Fellow+61 3 5444 7984l.hooker@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Helene JohnsResearch Fellow+61 3 9479 8786h.johns@latrobe.edu.au
Ms Jasmine LoveResearch Assistant, Transition to Contemporary Parenthood Program 


Professor Susan McDonald Professor of Midwifery (Women's and Infants Health) +61 3 9479 8731 s.mcdonald@latrobe.edu.au
Professor Helen McLachlan Principal Research Fellow +61 3 9479 5955 h.mclachlan@latrobe.edu.au
Ms Fiona McLardie-HoreProject Coordinator+61 3 9479 8779f.mclardie-hore@latrobe.edu.au
Ms Anita Moorhead Project Coordinator +61 3 9479 8789 a.moorhead@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Michelle Newton Lecturer in Midwifery +61 3 9479 5802 michelle.newton@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Naomi RalphResearch Fellow+61 3 9479 6742N.Ralph@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Touran Shafiei Research Fellow +61 3 9479 8798 t.shafiei@latrobe.edu.au
Professor Rhonda Small Professor Emerita  r.small@latrobe.edu.au
Professor Angela Taft Principal Research Fellow +61 3 9479 8809 a.taft@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Kayli WildResearch Fellow k.wild@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Ingrid WilsonPost-doctoral Research Fellow+61 3 9479 6288I.wilson@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Ann WilsonStudy Coordinator - HARMONY Project+61 3 9479 3955Ann.Wilson@latrobe.edu.au

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Administrative staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Zoe Marchant Adminstration Officer +61 3 9479 8792z.marchant@latrobe.edu.au

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Honorary associates

Name Institution
Dr Clare Barnett ZEG Berlin – Berlin Center for Epidemiology and Health Research
Dr Mary-Ann DaveyDepartment of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Monash University
Dr Naomi HackworthParenting Research Centre
Dr Elizabeth WestruppDeakin University
Dr Ingrid MogrenDepartment of Clinical Sciences, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Umea University
Dr Cattram NguyenMurdoch Children's Research Institute
Prof Rhonda Small Independent Consultant
Dr Susan TawiaAustralian Breastfeeding Association
Dr Marcos SignorelliDepartment of Public Health, Federal University of Parana (UFPR), Brazil

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These are the postgraduate students at the Judith Lumley Centre and the projects they are working on (some of which are described in more detail in the Research pages):

  • Nawal Abdulaghani: Pronuturance practices at birth and PPH
  • Catina Adams: Enhanced MCH in Victoria - improving outcomes for families experiencing family violence
  • Noushin Arefadib: Preventative postnatal depression in new mothers using telephone peer support: An RCT
  • Beatriz Paulina Ayala Quintanilla: Violence against women, maternal mortality and severe maternal morbidity
  • Jessica Bee: Exploring ways to increase breastfeeding rates for Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander Women in Victoria, Australia
  • Fiona Burgemeister: Parenting and early child development in vulnerable families: implications for policy and services
  • Rhian Cramer: SILC – Supporting infant feeding in local communities – evaluation of SILC processes
  • Kate Dawson: Exploring the introduction, expansion and sustainability of caseload midwifery in Australia (ECO)
  • Heather Grimes: RUBY (Ringing up about breastfeeding): exploring telephone support in the early postnatal period to increase breastfeeding: an RCT
  • Sarah Hay: Evaluating a new Parenting Kit designed by the Royal Women's Hospital: a mixed methods study
  • Rebecca Hyde: Your views matter – Exploring families experience of care in the Newborn Intensive Care
  • Georgina Igoe:
  • Lester Jones: Clinical reasoning: adopting and adapting a simple tool for capturing the complexities of pain
  • Ruth Lungu Ngoma: The impact of traumatic birth on fathers during and after birth up to one year postnatally
  • Robyn Matthews: EXPert- Exploring midwives’ and nurses’ perceptions of 'expertise' at the Royal Women’s Hospital
  • Pamela McCalman: Exploring the maternity care experiences of Australian Aboriginal women: a mixed methods study
  • Fiona McLardie-Hore: RUBY - Ringing up about breastfeeding early - a randomised controlled trial
  • Anita Moorhead: Diabetes and Antenatal Milk Expressing (DAME): a randomised controlled trial
  • Christine Murray: An observational study of satisfaction with professional consultations in gynaecology: Associations with health literacy
  • Kerryn O'Rourke: Researching the work of the organisation Birth for HumanKIND
  • Mercy Otsin: Strategies for ending unintended pregancies in Ghana
  • Carol Reid: Service Concept Mapping of Trauma-informed Perinatal Care for Aboriginal Parents: a place-based approach for rural and regional settings
  • Lael Ridgeway: Victorian Maternal and Child Health Service provision: what, when and how?
  • Ranmali Rodrigo: Optimal method to express, store and transport breast milk from home to hospital in two settings: a developed and a developing country
  • Charlene Smithson: Web-based support for breastfeeding
  • Sarah Stelfox: Developing and testing an online moderated peer support intervention to prevent postnatal depression
  • Heather Wallace: Reproductive health in Timor-Leste - fertility, contraception and maternal mortality
  • Stefanie Zugna: Exploring the delivery and outcomes of the Maternity and Newborn Emergencies (MANE) program: a mixed methods study

Congratulations to our students who completed in 2018:

  • Laura Whitburn: The role of cortical processes in the perception of pain during labour
  • Moni Rani Saha: Breastfeeding practices and experiences of women requiring medicines during lactation
  • Maggie Flood: Examining postpartum haemorrhage: risk factors, data quality and reporting
  • Laura Biggs: A mixed methods evaluation of the Post and Antenatal Depression Association (PANDA) National Helpline