What our research is trying to achieve

In 2013, the Judith Lumley Centre received a major gift from Mrs Roberta Holmes to fund an innovative new research program to identify the best ways to support mothers and fathers in their roles as parents.

Our aims

This inter-disciplinary program aims to:

  • identify the key challenges facing parents in contemporary society
  • develop strategies to prepare women and men for parenting
  • help parents to support their children's healthy development and wellbeing.

The program seeks to support and inform public debate around contemporary parenthood and the use of evidence-informed policies and practices to support better outcomes for parents and children.

Research areas

Some of our research areas include:

  • enhancing understanding of mothers' and fathers' needs and experiences during pregnancy and early parenting
  • identifying the patterns of parenting associated with optimal outcomes for children across the early life course
  • examining the role of new technologies, and seeking innovative opportunities to strengthen supports to parents through the institutions and communities that comprise their everyday environments.