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Program of Resources, Information and Support for Mothers


This website aims to provide information about what happened in PRISM, to give access to a number of resources developed for use in the project and to provide links to the documents and publications arising from the trial. (If you require any of the documents linked to on the PRISM pages in a different format, please contact us at

On the following pages you will find information about:


Key strategies and people behind the PRISM project; funding of the project

Background and development

PRISM was the culmination of almost a decade of research which documented concerning levels of maternal physical and emotional ill-health after childbirth

Key minimum elements of the program

The key minimum elements of the PRISM program included local co-ordination, education programs for maternal and child health nurses and general practitioners, Mothers' Information Kits, and befriending strategies for mothers

Local PRISM initiatives undertaken in support of mothers

Local initiatives were undertaken in addition to the minimum key elements in support of mothers.

Support, feedback and monitoring

Support for program implementation included feedback to communiites and monitoring activiities.


PRISM aimed primarily to reduce maternal depression and improve physical health status for mothers at six months and two years after birth.