Selected COMPASS research programs

Complex questions, complex settings

Healthy Mothers Healthy Families Survey in South Australia and Victoria – Jane Yelland, Stephanie Brown

A population-based postal survey of >8000 women giving birth in South Australia and Victoria in 2007 will be conducted in early 2008. The study is designed to investigate the impact of changing patterns in the provision and organisation of maternity and postnatal care in both states.

Reproductive health: pregnancy outcomes after treatment for cervical dysplasia – Fiona Bruinsma, Judith Lumley

A multi-centre, Australia-wide prospective cohort study of women presenting for assessment of a cervical lesion is in advanced stages of planning following a recent investigation of pregnancy outcomes after treatment for cervical dysplasia.

Managing depression in primary care – Renata Kokanovic, Jane Gunn

A range of studies examining this complex area of improving primary care responses to the experience of depression.

Populations commonly excluded in population-based research

Indigenous women and families: pregnancy and postnatal care – Jane Yelland, Tanya Koolmatrie, Stephanie Brown

Indigenous women have been under-represented in previous Victorian population-based surveys of recent mothers. Currently we are consulting with Indigenous community organisations and communities in South Australia regarding the development of a study for Aboriginal families documenting experiences of pregnancy and postnatal care. The study is being developed in partnership with the Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation and the South Australian Aboriginal Health Council.

Immigrant and refugee health: birth outcomes and experiences of care – Mridula Bandyopadhay, Rhonda Small

Many developed countries find the provision of maternity care to immigrants and refugees challenging and have difficulty in measuring the outcomes of care. We will be exploring pregnancy outcomes and explanations for country of birth variations in immigrant and refugee women, compared with Australian-born women.

Complex interventions

COSMOS: a trial of caseload midwifery – Helen McLachlan, Della Forster, Mary-Ann Davey, Judith Lumley

COSMOS is the first rigorous evaluation of ‘one-to-one’ (caseload) midwifery care in Australia and is being conducted in partnership with several Melbourne maternity hospitals. Caseload midwifery aims to provide women with more continuity of midwife care than usual maternity care models.

Reducing intimate partner violence and depression: MOthers Advocates In the Community (MOSAIC) – Angela Taft, Rhonda Small, Judith Lumley

Intimate partner violence is now recognised to be a common problem rather than a rare one: No interventions have yet been shown to improve outcomes for mothers or children. MOSAIC is a cluster-randomised trial that aims to reduce intimate partner abuse and depression in women pregnant or women with children under five, through the offer of non-professional supportive friendship by a local ‘mentor mother’.