Friday 28 October 2016

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7-8.30am    NNVAWI General membership meeting 
8.30-8.45amOpening and welcome
(Laneway 1-2)
Professor Angela Taft
8.45-9.45amHealth system approaches
(Laneway 1-2)
Professor Jane Koziol-McLain (NZ), Family Violence system development and service delivery: But where is the love?
Professor Kelsey Hegarty (Aus), Family violence health system reform in Australia: Informed by theory and evidence?
9.45-10.15amPresentation of awards
(Laneway 1-2)
10.15-11.15amMorning Tea

Stream 12

Pregnancy and parenting amid violence

Stream 13

Advancing theory and research methods

Stream 14

Violence in rural communities

Stream 15

Trauma and mental health

11.20-11.40 Kathleen Baird (Aus)
Intimate partner violence and pregnancy intentions: a qualitative study
Heidi Gilroy (USA)
A theoretical model of economic solvency in women: a mixed methods study to confirm theory
Sandra Annan (USA)
Structural barriers to care and IPV disclosure for rural Hispanic women
Laura Tarzia (Aus)
Prevalence of sexual violence and poor mental health outcomes in women attending Australian general practices

Symposium 3

Daniel J. Sheridan, Nancy Downing, and Ann Utterback (USA)

From Texas to Tasmania: Creating Online interdisciplinary Forensic Healthcare Education

11.40am-12pm June Keeling (UK)
An exploration of women’s perceptions towards their bodies and breast feeding following domestic violence
Violetta Politoff (Aus)
The impacts of a lived experience panel in violence against women research
Tracy Evanson (USA)
Population boom in a rural area: understanding the link between housing and intimate partner violence

Nina Fredland (USA) Intergenerational Impact of Intimate Partner Violence Against Mothers on Child Functioning Over Four Years

12-12.20pm Ellie McDonald (Aus)
Being pressured or forced to have unwanted sex before and after pregnancy
Kathryn Laughon (USA) Reexamining the Bystander Prevention Framework for Addressing Intimate Partner ViolenceSylvia Barton (Canada)
Finding solutions together: rural and Northern community response to intimate partner violence in Alberta, Canada
Fuqin Liu (USA)
The relationships between severity of abuse, perceived fertility control, mental health functioning among abused women
12.20-12.40 Keiko Fujita (Japan)
Experiences of domestic violence victims with children after separating from abusers and continued effects of DV on those children in Japan
Claire Gear (NZ)
What does complexity theory have to offer understanding IPV responsiveness in primary health care?
Donna Schminkey (USA)
Defining and redefining healthy intimate relationships: rural Hispanic women discuss their views
Candace Burton (USA)
Trauma and genetics: a biomarker study of young women’s health following dating abuse
12.40-1.40pmBuffet lunch

Stream 16

IPV screening and identification

Stream 17

Violence in culturally diverse communities

Stream 18

Responding to men

1.40-2pm Katheleen Baird (Aus)
Preparing midwives for routine antenatal domestic violence enquiry: Effects of a training and peer-mentoring program
Angeles Nava (USA)
Abused Immigrant women who succeed in obtaining legal immigrant status: Implications for front line intervention strategies
Scott Holmes (Aus)
Change the story: a national framework for preventing violence before it occurs

Symposium 4

Marilyn Ford-Gilboe (Can),
Nancy Glass (USA), Kelsey
Hegarty (Aus), Jane
Koziol-McLain (NZ), Kelly
Scott-Storey (Can), Laura
Tarzia (Aus), Colleen Varcoe
(Can), Denice Wilson (NZ),
and Judith Wuest (Can)

Global partnerships in an online world: developing and testing online safety and health interventions for women experiencing IPV

2-2.20pm Jo Spangaro (Aus)
Other outcomes: women’s perceptions of the impacts of routine screening for intimate partner violence in antenatal care-Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australian women’s experiences.
Rosa Gonzalez-Guarda (USA)
Predictors of Sexually Transmitted Infections among Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

Kirsty Forsdike-Young (Aus)
Early intervention with men who use violence: a new model for health settings

2.20-2.40 Lora McNamara (Aus)
Routine screening for domestic violence - a clinical innovation 10 years on
Judith McFarlane (USA)
Child brides, forced marriage, and Intimate partner violence in United States: tip of an iceberg revealed
Victoria Smye (Canada)
A different lens: Indigenous men’s experiences with videography and photovoice

Christine Craik (Aus)
The case for universal family violence screening programs for all women presenting to emergency departments of public hospitals in Australia.

Chris Divin (USA)
Exploring the Lived experience of salutogenesis and intimate partner violence in aging Mexican-American women
Nora Montalvo-Liendo (USA)
Pilot study: men of Mexican descent who abuse women
3-3.20pm Jessica Williams (USA)
Understanding decisions to disclose intimate partner violence and desired outcomes of disclosure during healthcare visits
Kristin Diemer (Aus) Health Professionals: The first point of contact for women living with domestic violenceJune Keeling (UK)
Exploring men's perspectives on seeking help for ideation of domestic violence during a partner's pregnancy
3.20-3.45pmAfternoon tea
3.45-4pmPoster Awards
(Laneway 1-2)
4-5pmClosing Plenary
(Laneway 1-2)
Dr Jacquelyn Campbell
Remarks from the Minister and other closing ceremonies