Our network

The LAVAWN membership includes a diverse range of researchers across many disciplines working on a variety of exciting and innovative projects. Our researchers are across different stages of their research careers including principal researchers, early and middle-career researchers and higher degree students. Please see below for more information on our researchers.

NameDepartment Key areas
Beatrice Alba ARCSHS School of Public Health
  • Sexual Aggression
  • Misogyny
  • Feminism
Beatriz Ayala Judith Lumley Centre
  • severe maternal morbidity
  • violence against women
Michelle BartonBendigo Student Association
  • student advocacy in higher education
  • silencing as a tactic of control
  • social conditioning of people with disabilities and vulnerability to violence
Anthony Collins Justice and Legal Studies
  • gender based violence
  • intimate violence
  • violent masculinities
  • vicarious trauma amongst GBV research +
    support workers
Cee Devlin Gender, Sexuality and Diversity Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Queer Theory
  • Autobiography
Geoff Dickson Sports Management
  • sport
  • sponsorship and VAW
Kirsty Duncanson Justice and Legal Studies
  • sexual violence
  • law
  • gender
Quinn Eades Politics & Philosophy
  • Trans Studies
  • Queer Theory
  • Autobiography
Kristina Edvardsson Public Health
  • sex selection
  • gender discriminatory practices in
    pregnancy and childbirth
Kirsty Forsdike Management-Business
  • sport
  • family violence
  • women's wellbeing
Leesa HookerRural Nursing and Midwifery
  • domestic violence
  • maternal and child health
  • early intervention
Jessica Ison Gender, Sexuality and Diversity Studies
  • queer theory
  • sexuality and the law
Stevie Lebhers Education
  • teaching
  • trauma
  • high-poverty
Gosia Mikolajczak Psychology and Counselling
  • gender stereotypes
  • sexism
Erica MillarCrime, Justice and Legal Studies
  • State-based reproductive coercion
  • Regulating abortion
  • Gender theory
Ellen Munro  
  • queer/lesbian intimate partner violence
Jessica Murphy ARCSHS
  • gender
Ali Norton Speak Up
  • primary prevention
Matthew Parsons ARCSHS
  • domestic violence
Curtis Redd Gender, Sexuality and Diversity Studies
  • gender
  • queer
  • violence
Hannah Robert Law Schools
  • family law
  • reproductive rights
  • violence against pregnant people
Emma RussellCrime Justice and Legal Studies
  • Policing and LGBTQI+ people
  • Women, criminalisation and incarceration
  • Prison experiences
Nicole Shackleton  
  • gender and law
  • discrimination
  • violence against women
Mira Stammers Law
  • stalking
  • intervention orders
  • the court's understanding of the impact
    of mental health on behaviours impacting stalking/breaches of IVOs
Angela Taft Public health
  • IPV/Family Violence
  • VAW & Health
  • Australia & Timor Leste
Laura Tolton Spanish and Latin American Studies
  • obstetric violence
  • ideology  discourse
Tasha Weir 
  • gender equity in research
Ann Wilson Midwifery & Nursing
  • DV
  • GP assistance
  • SE Asian diaspora

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Please contact Jess Ison if you would like to get in touch with network members.

Email: j.ison@latrobe.edu.au