Eastern Campus Redevelopment

Project Director, Wendy Li-Siaw

Project Summary/description

The Eastern Campus Redevelopment (ECR) project involves staff relocation, space refurbishment and consolidation of groups across a number of faculties and administration groups in the eastern sector of the Melbourne Campus.

The main aim of this project is to improve use of existing infrastructure in the core campus to accommodate projected growth for the University. 

 The other objective is to begin the process of creating an administration hub at the terraces, allowing for more space in the core campus for core business.

The Eastern Campus Redevelopment project was established to create decant spaces by reallocating administrative accommodations in the core campus to Academic functions to meet project target growth. It is intended that the program of works be delivered over multiple stages:

  • Stages 1 A and 1B involved the relocations of Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) to the maintenance compound and ICT to the terraces.  This stage is now complete.

  • The scope of stage 2 is currently being reviewed.

  • Stage 3A will involve the relocation of Marketing & Engagement and Human Resources to the new Admin Hub at the Terraces.

  • Remaining stage 3 works will look at consolidation of the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce and further relocation of administration functions to the Terraces.

Funding Sources and Budget details

The ECR project will be progressively funded by the University through the I&O Capital Plan.

Stage 1

Project budget:      $4,900,000                   Approved funding: $4,900,000

Stage 2

Project budget:    $14,039,100                    Approved funding: $ 1,003,900

Stage 3A:

Project budget:      $4,900,000                    Approved funding: $4,900,000


 Project key milestones   

ActivityTarget MilestoneStatus
Stage 1       August 2014Completed
Stage 3AAnticipated completion date - Mid 2015In progress          

 Project team consultants

Project ManagerI&O Projects                              
Quantity SurveyorWilde & Woollard
Enabling Works ArchitectSpowers Architects         
Principal Architect Main WorksDarren Carnell Architects
Services ConsultantECM Group
Building SurveyorHendry Group
Structural EngineerWebb Consult

How do we find out more?

Staff will have access to the I&O Intranet site.Infrastructure and Operations intranet site.

The intranet site will be updated on a regular basis to provide more detail information about the relocation program and will include frequently asked questions..

If you think this project may affect you, and you cannot access the staff intranet, you are welcome to contact the ECR Project Director, Wendy Li-Siaw on 9479 1298 with any queries, including who your user group representative details.

Project updates

Last Updated:6 January 2015