After I start international online study FAQs

Practical classes will be delivered via online platforms. Generally, the theory component of each class will become a pre-recorded lecture and demonstrations will also be pre-recorded. You’ll be provided an instruction manual and tasks to complete around these recordings (format will vary by class). These will then be supported by video conferenced workshops where students and academic staff will work through the discussion points and feedback from those tasks.

You have access to all the study resources online that were available on-campus. This includes:

  • most tutorials, lectures and workshops will be either pre-recorded or delivered via Zoom or Microsoft Teams
  • the same amount of face-to-face teaching remains the same via digital platforms
  • virtual drop-in sessions by academic staff
  • course coordinators will continue to have office hours and are available for appointments via Zoom.

Learning Hubs are now available virtually to provide specialist and peer support for Academic English, Writing, Study SkillsMaths, Chemistry, Library Skills and Digital Literacy.

Drop-in sessions are run on an on-demand basis and can be adjusted to meet the needs of each cohort for each subject. Exams are being scheduled at a time suitable across multiple time zones. For group work, academic staff will be allocating students into groups based on their time zone.

In most instances the software is available to you to download onto your personal computer, with instructions provided during the first class for the subject. In any other circumstances, subjects have been adjusted to work with free-ware available for anyone to download from the internet. In such cases, you’ll be provided information on exactly which free-ware will be required, and how to download this to their computer. If you experience any issues, you can seek the assistance of your academic staff during workshops.

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