Hanoi University (Hanoi)

  • Diploma of Business Administration (1 year)
  • Bachelor of Business (2 years upon completion of Diploma)
  • Master of Business Administration (18 months).

We offer a business Diploma, Bachelor and Master program through a joint venture with Hanoi University (HANU).

Diploma of Business

The Diploma in Business gives you a pathway into year two of the Bachelor of Business degree. You will be given the opportunity to continue your degree at HANU or you can transfer to our Melbourne Campus.

Bachelor of Business

The Bachelor of Business will build on your knowledge and skills for careers in a wide range of organisations. Its aim is to increase your potential for creating value in the world of business and meeting the priorities of government organisations.

Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration will give you skills in management and creating value.

Contact Hanoi University:

Tel: +84 4 5541796

Foreign Trade University (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City)

  • Master of International Business (1 year)

This Master's program looks at issues related to the current and rapidly changing global economies.

You will do the first four subjects in the Master of International Business in Vietnam, before coming to Australia to do the last four subjects at La Trobe University. You will get the experience of studying in Australia for six month and graduate with a La Trobe University degree.

Contact Foreign Trade University:

Tel: +84 4 35295168 (ext 256)