Direct Loan student responsibilities

You must notify the US Financial Aid office at La Trobe and your loan servicer if:

  • your name, current address, phone number/s or Social Security Number change
  • you withdraw from university or take a leave of absence
  • you change courses
  • you adjust your enrolment
  • you reduce your enrolment to less than half-time enrolment
  • your anticipated graduation date changes
  • your US driver's license number changes
  • your references change
  • your permanent address changes
  • your expected employer changes
  • there are changes to your personal circumstances that may impact your studies at La Trobe
  • your Australian visa status, residency status or welfare entitlements
  • you apply for remission of debt
  • you apply for scholarships or grants.

Need more information?

You can always contact our helpful Financial Aid Administrator.