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Benefit from industry driven course, research and varied work experience opportunities.

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Bachelor of Information Technology

Graduate with in-field experience gained from industry based work placements.

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Master of Information Technology

Benefit from industry-standard training to strengthen your career.

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Master of Information Technology (Networks)

Specialise in electronics and work with cutting-edge technology and techniques.

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Master Information and Communication Tech

Gain advanced expertise and launch into a global career in ICT.

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Business Information Management & Systems

Learn how information systems can accelerate business success.

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Master of Data Science

Graduate with in-field experience gained from industry based work placements.

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Master of Cybersecurity

Be prepared for a rapidly developing career with our course developed with industry.

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Charles De Silva Goonetilleke

Charles De Silva Goonetilleke

International student, Bachelor of Computer Science with Honours

“The people I have met in my course and through volunteering made my stay in Australia a very pleasant one”


Charles De Silva Goonetilleke is a Sri Lankan student at La Trobe. A student in our Bachelor of Computer Science with Honours program, he arrived in Melbourne in 2012.

While many students do not have a clue what they want to study at university until a year, a few months or even a few days before they apply, Charles was the complete opposite.

‘As a middle school child I had a passion for computing. After receiving my first computer I began to explore its features and experiment with it. Seeing the complex functionality some software have made me curious to learn about them. I started to learn some basics of programming and it was very satisfying to see these simple programs running on my computer. And so I started looking into the profession of software development.’

After researching the different IT courses in universities across Australia, Charles found a course at La Trobe that taught the fundamentals of computing and was suitable for his interests.

Looking to the future

Charles is happy about the fact that he came to study in Melbourne.‘Having an international qualification gives employers the idea that candidates have had previous exposure to cultural diversity and this makes such applicants appealing to them as they can be more dynamic in the workforce. It helps a candidate to stand out from the crowd and employers are more attracted towards them because they would want to have the best set of employees,’he says.

When asked about his plans for employment, Charles says that he aims to stick to what he is most passionate about.

‘I plan to keep working in the software industry to continue to develop applications,’ he says. ‘I see myself working for a company that is involved in such projects for various clients and I would be part of the development team. After gaining plenty of experience in that, I would like to move to a higher position such as project manager or lead software developer, which would allow me to take up more responsibility of projects.’

Rushabh Shethia

Rushabh Shethia

International student, Bachelor of Information Technology

“The Bendigo campus is a delight, and the staff are easy going and very helpful.”


What made you choose La Trobe?

Regional campus due to low living expense and better profile for future growth.

What about your La Trobe course/experience do you believe sets it apart from other courses/universities?

It sets apart because of regional environment and its friendly culture.

What do you enjoy the most about your course?

Small classes. Ratio of students and lecturer is small – 20:1

Are there any specific La Trobe staff who have made an impact on your education? How? (E.g. inspiring lecturer, supportive subject coordinators?)

Inspiring course coordinator, supportive international office staff and simple BSA staff.

Were or are you part of any La Trobe programs? What have you enjoyed the most in that program? (e.g. clubs, societies, volunteering experiences)

Yes – have been Vice-President and Treasurer of BISC (Bendigo International Students Club), also volunteer as Welcome Host during Welcome Festival for international students from past two years. Currently volunteer at Bendigo Health, as Data Analyst.

What are your career aspirations?

Would like to work in Bendigo in the domain of Big Data or Data Analytics. Also setup sustainable business.

How is La Trobe helping prepare you for your career?

Not much. Pretty much we have to do on our own here. Which is fine – Career department is there to help but not much involved with I.T. employments.

Any other interesting info?

Yes, I would like to setup Think Tank groups here in Bendigo Campus if university gives some helping hand.