Who is eligible for University insurance?


Cover extends to all employees of La Trobe University (LTU) travelling on behalf of LTU within Australia or overseas on a journey* of at least 50 km's from normal residence or workplace (but excluding normal commuting), including cover for recreational leave, long service leave or leave without pay associated with such a trip.

To obtain insurance – please refer to Intranet Staff Travel.


All postgraduate and undergraduate students are covered for a domestic or international journey* approved by LTU.

To obtain insurance - please refer to travel.

Insurance cover for non-LTU approved activity is limited to 10 days prior or 10 days following an LTU activity. You are advised to purchase your own travel insurance for any additional days of non-LTU approved activity.


  1. Cover extends to any person for whom the component of a journey* related to LTU activities (including but not limited to airfares and other transport costs, accommodation, conference expenses and incidentals excluding food), has been agreed to be paid by LTU.
  2. Cover also extends to any person for whom LTU has arranged a journey* and agreed to provide travel insurance for that journey*.

    To obtain insurance – Details (such as detailed on the Student Travel Form) must be provided and authorised and forwarded to the Insurance Office for approval and confirmation.

Volunteers and voluntary workers

Travel insurance extends to Volunteers and Voluntary Workers (including but not limited to the Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellor, members of Council and/or Committees, visiting academics and persons rendering assistance to LTU) engaged in activities related to, authorised by and under the control of LTU. Cover also extends to include necessary travel to and from the location of such activities.

To obtain insurance - no additional action necessary.

* Journey means a trip authorised by and undertaken on behalf of LTU provided such a trip involves a destination beyond 50 kilometres from the insured person's normal place of residence or business premises. A journey will commence from the effective date of coverage or the time the insured person leaves their normal place of residence or business premises, whichever is the latter, and will continue until they return to their normal place of residence or business premises, whichever occurs first.

The maximum duration for a trip is 365 days.