Homestay families

Insurance ramifications for Homestay Families

Injury to student

If an injury is due to the negligence of the homestay family, such as tripping over a rug or falling into a hole in the flooring the student may be able to recover any medical costs from the homeowner and/or occupier.

If the injury is not due to the negligence of the homestay family then they will not be held financially responsible to the student.

Damage to homestay house

The University is not liable if the student accidentally or intentionally damages the homestay house.  We strongly recommend that homestay families source and hold their own home building and contents insurance (as appropriate to their individual circumstances).

Insurance for student

All insurance requirements for the student’s property, vehicle and health are the responsibility of the student and not the homestay family.  Whilst some home contents policies extend to include a small allowance for visitors property, it is not a standard inclusion.

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