Private vehicles

Private vehicles used for University purposes

The University Vehicle Fleet procedure states, in the first instance, a fleet vehicle should be used for travel on University business. Private vehicles should be used only when all other options have been exhausted (cl. 1.1.4).  The exception to this rule is where an employee is provided with a vehicle allowance as part of their salary arrangements. In this instance, the employee is personally responsible for their own transport costs (cls 2).

Where it is unreasonable or impractical to utilise a fleet vehicle, then either a taxi or rental vehicle or Uber should be utilised.  Should a private vehicle be used, this should be considered a last resort, due to OH&S and insurance implications.

Examples where it is unreasonable or impractical to utilise a fleet vehicle include:

  • a fleet vehicle is unavailable from the Bendigo campus for a staff member travelling to Bundoora for a meeting (a rental vehicle should be sourced from Avis)
  • A Shepparton campus staff member going to a meeting at GV Health, and no fleet vehicle is available (a taxi would be most appropriate).
  • A Bundoora campus staff member is going to a meeting in Richmond, and then travelling directly home to Clayton (private vehicle would be acceptable here as the travel is incidental).

Note that the University does not provide insurance for private vehicles and the cost of any private vehicle repairs, damage or liability (including insurance excesses) are the sole responsibility of the driver.

Private vehicles damaged in University carpark

Damage to private vehicles/motorcycles parked in the University's car parking areas are not covered under University insurance. As stated on the La Trobe University Car Parking disclaimer - "Vehicles are parked at own risk". See parking permits.

It is the responsibility of staff/students to insure their own private vehicles/motorcycles.