Accident procedures

  1. STOP, help if you can and call the Police and Ambulance if necessary (Dial: 000)
  2. Exchange names, addresses, phone numbers and vehicle details with Third Party driver.  Establish the name of their insurance company. Do not make any offer to settle other parties claims or admit liability.
  3. Note carefully where the accident occurred. Record details of street names and the exact point of impact. Obtain names and addresses of any witnesses.  If possible, take photos of any damage to vehicles or property.
  4. Provide Third Party driver with the contact details of the Insurance Office on 03 9479 1238.
  5. If it's a GoGet vehicle, contact GoGet on 1300 769 389 and provide the details.
  6. If the University vehicle is not driveable, contact Custom Fleet Driver Support on 1300 139 555 to arrange a tow truck.
  7. Report the accident to Fleet Management (03 9479 5445)
  8. Send all letters, claims and any summons received to the Insurance Office.

All medical, hospital and similar costs for drivers, passengers or pedestrians arising from accidents involving registered motor vehicles are covered by the Transport Accident Commission (TAC).

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