About Melbourne's North

  • Population 1 million - 30% growth by 2031
  • 74,000 businesses
  • 360,000 jobs
  • 502,000 employed residents
  • $42.85 billion gross regional product

Situated on 235 ha in Melbourne’s north, La Trobe University is close to the airport, freeways and ring roads, and sits at the nexus of Melbourne’s economic activity and regional Victoria.

Melbourne’s north is undergoing rapid population growth, transforming the region and stimulating plans that will strengthen the local, Victorian and national economy. It is poised for transformation into a specialist health, agriculture and food, and innovation hub, supporting the future growth of key precincts, including:

Melbourne’s north is also one of the key transportation hubs and a part of the state government’s designated employment zones.

With its substantial landholdings and location at the gateway to Melbourne's growing north, La Trobe provides unparalleled opportunities for the University and the wider community.

With Melbourne’s population expected to grow to almost 9 million people by 2056, La Trobe has been identified as the anchor in the Victorian Government’s La Trobe National Employment and Innovation Cluster, one of seven clusters to be developed, to support the projected significant employment and residential growth in Melbourne’s North.

As our population grows, over the next decade, La Trobe University will evolve into a world-class University City of the Future at our 235 hectare Melbourne Campus in Bundoora. The new infrastructure will turn our campus 'inside out' and welcome the local community onto the campus as a place to live, learn, work, socialise and stay healthy.