Research and innovation precinct

La Trobe is uniquely positioned amongst metropolitan universities to develop Australia’s next thriving research and innovation precinct as part of the University City of the Future, a visionary urban development project which will accelerate investment and realise the potential of Melbourne’s north.

The University is re-imagining its geographic clustering of knowledge-based activity to emphasise place making, amenity, regional strength, infrastructure assets and research excellence to create a distinct type of innovation district. It is deliberately incorporating industry sector focused strategies that support innovation and attract global talent while at the same time incorporating local district-based investment strategies designed to benefit surrounding communities.

The precinct is attracting new partners keen to pursue advantage through research collaboration and the commercialisation of Intellectual Property.

The precinct focuses on La Trobe's world-class research and innovation capabilities in 3 key areas:

  • Agribioscience and food
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Digital Technologies and Cybersecurity

Through the development of the precinct La Trobe University embraces its values of inclusivity, diversity, sustainability, innovation and global excellence.

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Current precinct partners

Rio Tinto

One of the world's largest metals and mining corporations


One of Australia’s leading biomedical research organisations

agriculture victoria

Agriculture Victoria

The department works with industry and on research.

Caval logo


Helping Australian libraries add value to the teaching learning environment.

victorian police logo

Victorian Police Forensic Services

One of the largest providers of forensic science services in Australia.

Cann group logo

CANN Group Limited

Strategic Research Collaboration in Medicinal Agriculture

cannatreck logo


Exploring Education opportunities in Shepparton on Medicinal Agriculture

Gene works


Research in the field of loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) based genetic testing (animal and plant diseases)


Developing Melbourne North’s manufacturing sector and supply/value chain

solvay logo


Exploring research opportunities in the field of seed germination and related mechanisms

PSI logo


Strategic Research Collaboration in Phenotyping Systems (automated monitoring of plants)


Smart asset tag system that measures and reports all you need to know about a product’s life

vivazome logo

Viva Zome

Research Industry Partner in the field of exosomes

wintermute logo

Wintermute Biomedical

Exploring research opportunities in the fields of: skin infections, bacteria, viruses and fungi, new formulations and antimicrobial coating for medical devices.