Our impact

At La Trobe you will find people who do research to make a difference. Our research translates to real-world impact that takes many forms: economic, health, political, cultural, social, environmental and technological. Backed by our strengths across the sciences and humanities, we have embarked on an ambitious project to leverage our research and innovation strengths in three key areas:

  • Agriculture, Food and Fibre
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Digital Technologies and Cybersecurity

Academic performance - Excellence for Research Australia (ERA)

We’re excelling in our 3 key areas:

  • Agriculture, Food and Fibre - we rated well above world standard (the top rating of 5) in Biological Sciences, Soil Sciences, Plant Biology, Crop and Pasture Production and Genetics
  • Health and Wellbeing - we rated well above world standard –again, the top rating of 5 - in fields including Nursing; Nutrition and Dietetics; Psychology; Human Movement and Sports Science
  • Digital Technologies and Cybersecurity - Our research has also been rated at above world standard for Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing, Information Systems and Civil Engineering. With internationally recognised Cybersecurity expert Professor Jill Slay joining La Trobe as Optus Chair of Cybersecurity we are a key player in tackling the looming challenges of cyber security and terrorism.

Videos showcasing the impact of our research

At La Trobe, our researchers are making a real difference in the community, for the nation, and around the world. Got a minute to spare? Check out our Impact Minute playlist below (click the playlist icon on the top right to navigate all of them).

We play best with others

We thrive on our partnerships. Working with our industry and government partners energises and enriches our work and the University community more broadly. We understand that partners today need universities to be open, accessible and easy to work with. So committed are we to delivering relevant, targeted, implementable research that directly responds to partner need that we’ve made ‘Unrivalled Partner of Choice’ one of the four pillars of our Strategic Plan.

Let us be part of your story

  • We have an industry PhD
  • We understand co-production of research
  • We have great people ready to co-produce
  • We’re new and young and going places