Video transcription

Professor Jill Cook La Trobe and the Australian Ballet have formed a research partnership to look at ways that we can integrate our knowledge in sports medicine with their fantastic performances of ballet dancers in the Australian Ballet.

Today we have motion capture cameras here so it allows us to look at the mechanics of movement and we can use that to analyse movements where injuries might be occurring.

Amber Scott There's a lot of education that goes with being a dancer. There's things that you can learn about in order to prevent lower leg injuries. We're really really lucky that there is this partnership with La Trobe.

JC We've got some projects looking at hip health in dancers. We also need to look at the foot and ankle because the foot and ankle is under a lot of pressure.

Prof John Dewar When the ballet were looking for a partner to help them develop a world class research centre, they asked themselves which university is the best university in this field and the answer is La Trobe.

Sue Mayes Both organisations have this drive to be world leaders. With the partnership the La Trobe University students get exclusive ability to access the dancers and the research that's going on.

Rachael McMillan Having the opportunity to work with such high level dancers, to be able to look at their needs specifically and then help contribute to treatment in the future and injury prevention and management will hopefully give me an edge in my career.

JC I think this research collaboration is very clever. Combining the very best in the ballet world with La Trobe who have amazing researchers, amazing knowledge, great equipment.

AS It'd be great if they could figure out how you can dance forever, that would be great.