Launch your start-up

If you’ve got a product, a prototype or a problem that you want to fix, this program is for you! We want to see your back-page sketches, completed designs or moonshot ideas.

Applications have now closed for our 2019 Cohort 4.

The La Trobe Accelerator Program will provide mentoring, workshops, legal and grant application assistance, and co-working spaces: all we ask of you is to be dedicated and ready to take your startup idea to the next stage. We’re an immersive 12-week program willing to take on any entrepreneur across regional and metro Victoria.

For more details download our 1-Page Flier [PDF 1.7 MB] for 2019.

Download our 2018 Program Example [Doc. 3079 KB].

Our program structure is unique:

  • Each team receives 1:1 coaching with a diverse range of industry-based mentors
  • Start-up teams have the opportunity to receive equity-free funding
  • Office space at our two LTAP Hubs: in Bendigo and Bundoora
  • Workshops on topics such as business planning, finance, selling, globalism, wellness, marketing and IT platforms
  • Graduation Ceremony - The La Trobe Accelerator Program concludes with a Graduation Ceremony; an exciting platform for our start-ups to gain recognition and potentially secure further investment at the end of the incubation period. The start-ups pitch their businesses to an expected audience of 150 stakeholders, including investors.

Do you have what it takes? Successful start-up teams are expected to:

  • Devote a significant amount of time to their start-up over the incubation period
  • 1-2 days of commitment is required each week
  • Work at our dedicated co-working spaces on campuses
  • Utilise the mentoring and coaching available through the program
  • Attend at least 80% of the workshops and events

For more information please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page

Key Dates - 2019

LTAP 2019 Applications Open on the 20th of March, 2019. Applications close 3rd June, 11:55 pm.
LTAP Primer

Late July to early August, occurring one week in Bendigo and one week in Melbourne.

Participants are expected to attend both weeks as the workshops are not repeated.


  • Week One (Melbourne) - Value Proposition, Business Model Canvas, Pricing, Going to Market, Sustainability and Coaching
  • Week Two (Bendigo) - IT Platforms, Website Design, Globalism, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Pitching and Coaching
  • After the Primer, each team will submit a video pitch to be considered for progress into the 2019 full program.


  • Participation on all days of the Primer is mandatory.
  • We recommend that everyone attends in person, however, participants unable to attend face to face sessions in Bendigo or Melbourne have the option to video conference in from any of the other campuses.
LTAP 2019

September 2019 until December 2019

Within the 12-week program will utilise our mentors to provide assistance. Each team has access to:

  • Tailored 1:1 mentoring with one of our internal mentors to guide you through the 12-week program
  • A variety of support services including: media and communications, finance and legal, website development
  • 1:1 mentoring with an external industry specific mentor
  • Support from our entrepreneur in residence, someone who has experience with business development before
  • Workshops discussing Legal & IP, Selling, Team Leadership and Grant Applications
  • Access to campus resources including co-working space at our Collins St, Melbourne campus.
  • Up to $10,000 in equity-free funding, to be given at the completion of the 12-week program
  • A variety of partnered networking events
  • Introductions to a vast network of entrepreneurs, industry professionals and potential venture capitalists
Graduation 2019Early 2020

Previous graduation ceremonies have been held at ACMI at Federation Square in Melbourne. The graduation is an opportunity to pitch in front of an audience of 150+ people and present your product or prototype at a dedicated booth space. Any funding granted will also be given out at the graduation.

Selection Process

How we select startups

We are seeking motivated entrepreneurs with exciting business opportunities in all domains. We will look to support your success in the creation of a sustainable business. Through our application process, we strive to identify and classify startups in Advanced, Early Stage and Discovery groups. Your level of classification depends on your development stage.


Advanced (Pre-Series A/Series A)

Startups are considered advanced if they have a developed track record, which is characterised by relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) and achievements. Such as: a complete product or service, a significant understanding of the industry sector, a possible revenue and management team or highly-defined financial planning. It is important to note that it is entirely possible that businesses at this stage may not be generating net profits. This stage is focused on getting your startup to scale up.

Note: At LTAP we have developed an additional 2-day coaching schedule for all startups who qualify for this stage. During these two days startups will receive mentoring from angel investors and business consultants. This would cover financial modelling, market research, growth projections and being investment ready.

Early Stage (Seed Stage)

Startups at this stage must already have a product and a good knowledge of the market. At this phase, startups look for their next level of funding to find their product/market fit and scale.

Discovery (Pre-Seed Funding)

Our Discovery stage can be defined as the earliest stage where a company is first trying to get their operations off the ground. At this stage, the company is focused on the development of a minimum viable product (MVP). The majority of businesses qualifying for this stage are in their idea or conceptual phase.

Decision on selection

The final decision on the selection of startups and their classification into different stages is based purely on the merit of the startups as described by them using the above selection criteria. Our selection panel consists of angels, business coaches, mentors, entrepreneurs, educators and intrapreneurs with extensive experience in this field.


Stage 1 - Application

All applications are submitted online through this website. Applications open March 20, 2019.

Your application should outline:

  • The La Trobe campus you are most closely associated with
  • The challenge you are solving and its context
  • The solution you’re providing and explaining why it is innovative
  • Your progress to date
  • Your team composition
  • Any supporting documents or statements

Applications close 11:55pm June 3, 2019

Stage 2 - Primer

Successful applicants will be invited to participate in LTAP Primer, a 6-day intensive pre-accelerator program which includes workshops and access to coaches.

In 2019, the Primer will be hosted at our Bendigo and City campuses. Those who are unable to attend the face to face sessions in Bendigo and Melbourne, have the option to video conference in from any of the other campuses. Participation on all days of the Primer is mandatory.

Stage 3 - Pitching

After completing the Primer, each team will be required to submit a short video pitch about their startup. From this, a shortlist will be invited to interview with the La Trobe Accelerator selection board. Entry into the 12-week program will be based upon a multitude of factors including the video pitch, interview, and the performance and commitment during Primer.

Stage 4 - Program

The on-boarding process to participate in the 12-week La Trobe Accelerator Program will occur during the first week of the program. The on-boarding provides lots of information about the journey each team is about to partake in, and how best to utilise our resources and to fuel your growth. Although the main focus during the program will be on mentoring and the use of the support services, there will also be workshops, a panel review and partnered events to attend.