Digital Harvest - a training program to take your agri-food business online

Dandenong Market

Free program to support farmers, agri-producers, distributors and sellers to adapt and innovate

La Trobe University is inviting farmers, agri-producers, distributors and sellers to apply for Digital Harvest, a free online program designed to help adapt and grow, as a response to the events of 2020.

“…2020 has accelerated the move to the digital economy, and our members need agribusiness e-commerce as a safe and sustainable sales channel to existing and new customers. AUSVEG supports this program as it will include modules to support farmers and small-scale producers increase their digital presence and impact, through digital marketing tools." - AUSVEG

Digital Harvest is a training program to support farmers and producers to develop and enhance e-commerce skills and implement an effective e-commerce strategy as part of ongoing operations.

Digital Harvest is part of a $1.5m E-Commerce and New Marketplace Transition Package announced by the Victorian Government, as part of an Agricultural Workforce Plan. This plan aims to support agriculturists to transition to new markets and new ways of doing business.

Delivered fully online and at no cost to participants, the program will support a wide range of agricultural sectors, including farming, cropping, broadacre, farmgate, community growers and distributors, etc.

Over the twelve weeks, you’ll receive insights from experts in agribusiness development, sales, retail, eCommerce and digital marketing, gain access to toolkits how new digital tools can help you attract customers and grow into the future. You’ll also gain access to growing virtual library of expert-led resources on key topics including Digital Strategy, Analytics, Email Marketing, SEO & SEM, Social Media, Storytelling and more.

This program is developed in partnership with Investible, a leading early-stage investment group and experts in entrepreneurial and business development, Outcome.Life an international student community focused on employment outcomes through intern placements, seminars and networking events, and La Trobe Business School.

What does the program offer business owners?

  • Expert insights & guidance
    Learn what you need to move forward into a new digital age with confidence and supercharge your business, sales, marketing, and communication strategies.
  • Flexible remote learning
    Participate from anywhere with virtual expert workshops, online learning modules and downloadable templates developed by the business development experts at Investible.
  • Supportive community  
    Join a private Facebook community of like-minded business owners who understand the challenges and opportunities ahead, to share feedback, support and continued learning.


The commitment for this program will be 13 online workshops delivered over 12 weeks.

Workshops will run for 2 hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays 6pm - 8pm, commencing early February and conclude April 2021.


  • Registrations close on Thursday 4 February 2021, 11:59pm
  • Program starts week commencing Monday 8 February 2021
  • On-boarding session Wednesday 10 February 2021, 6pm - 8pm
  • Program concludes on Friday 30 April 2021

For more information and details about the program email us at

Registrations are now closed.

Please note:

  • Only businesses registered in Victoria are accepted.
  • If you live and or/operate your business outside a Victorian registered post code you will not be eligible for the program.

Case studies

Dandenong Market

A fresh produce multicultural community market that features more than 200 market traders bringing together 157 different nationalities working under one roof. Over 150 years, Dandenong Market has welcomed 5.6 million visitors with its unique appeal as a rich and vibrant shopping hub with a fresh food focus.​​

Dandenong Market Manager Judy Robertson:​

"Whilst most of the 200 business haven't been able to operate during this time, the program has given us the tools to do a 'health check' on our digital engagement. We have revamped our website and worked on our email newsletters. Our "weekly specials" for our audience is now our core communication method.

We have grown in our email subscribers and Facebook followers. We are being smarter with our digital channels by providing engaging content and stronger messages which therefore will be reflected in our future visitation."


From the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, HiveKeepers is a start up developing software and sensor technology to give all beekeepers more accurate analytics, providing early-warning signals in real time about the health and productivity of their bees and the hive community. ​

By participating in La Trobe’s fourth Accelerator Program, founder Simon Mildren met his objectives of increasing his business acumen and creating new networks. ​

Simon went on to participate in the Pause Fest pitching contest where his team won a spot at the 2020 Hacker Exchange and then on to the globally significant Thrive Accelerator Program in Silicon Valley. ​


This program is looking to attract those who operate across the wide spectrum of ‘agrifood businesses’ within Agriculture, Food, Dairy, Cropping, Broadacre, Small Scale Producers, Farmgate, Cellar Door, circular economy Food Waste and AgTech.

This program is open to those keen to transition their business to sell online, through to those who are already digital converts and keen to scale.

What digital topics will be covered?

Digital Harvest is uniquely designed to help business leaders develop the mindset, resources and community they need to adapt and innovate in the face of unprecedented change.

  • Digital Strategy Agribusiness
  • Google; Platforms plugins and tools
  • Analytics and data
  • SEO & SEM
  • Digital Content and Storytelling
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Marketing

(See the next question for a more detailed description of the program content)

What are the workshops I will attend?

2020 has accelerated the move to the digital economy. Change is occurring and e-commerce is becoming the leading small business sales channel in Australia. These modules are the first steps to create a new and innovative way of selling. They set the basics for agribusiness e-commerce as a safe and sustainable sales channel to existing and new customers.

Module 1: eCommerce and COVID-19 opportunity

Program introduction; E-commerce basics; The impact of the digital economy on agribusiness; Post COVID-19 opportunities

Modifying your business model to safely grow in a digital world

Developing your e-commerce products and plan

How to use your analytics to drive a better decision

New digital technologies that will change agribusiness

Module 2: Mastering e-commerce platforms and tools

The importance of Google business in boosting your sales

Platforms plugins and tools

AWS platforms and tools

Cybersecurity: learning how to protect you and your customers

Module 3: Sustaining, growing and competing with a digital presence

Digital Overview - An introduction to digital market and its opportunities

Digital Content and story telling

Email marketing

Social marketing

Digital budget and return on investment

When will the workshops run?

Over the 12-week program, workshops will be weekly and run on Wednesdays.

They will start at 6pm and end at 8pm.

How will the workshops be delivered?

Over the 12-weeks, workshops will be run using an online platform called Coasessmble. Once you have been accepted into the program, you will receive instructions on how to create a login and will be provided with a session to familiarise yourself with the platform.

Who will deliver the workshops?

The first set pf workshops will be delivered by the La Trobe Business School:

  • The world of business is rapidly changing — and at La Trobe, we’re at the forefront of digital disruption, big data and start-up culture. Business graduates today need the skills to create, adapt and innovate in their careers. That starts right here at La Trobe Business School with future-focused degrees, research and industry partnerships. Staff involved in the delivery of AgVic program are drawn from La Trobe Business School, who have collective experience on Agri-Business, digital business, leadership and innovation and data analytics. Our curriculum design and expertise has been widely recognised, including AACSB accreditation and a number of high-profile rankings, such as QS, AQRU, CEO and ERA rankings. More importantly, La Trobe Business School is the only University in Victoria to offer the B. Business (AgriBusiness) so you’ll be learning from academics with many years of experience teaching AgriBusiness to learners in metro and regional Victoria. Additionally, you will know you are learning from the best, including academics who were behind the highly successful “Leaders in Lockdown” online course, with over 12,000 participants and Analytics academics, who designed the QS top-75 world ranked Master of Business Analytics.

The second set of 5 workshops will be delivered by Outcome.Life:

  • Outcome.Life is an international student community focused on employment outcomes through intern placements, seminars and networking events.

The third set of 5 workshops will be delivered by Investible:

  • Investible is a leading early-stage investor and one of Australia’s most active Venture Capital firms at seed stage. Investible is the first investment firm in Australia to bring early-stage investment together with proven entrepreneurial development programs under one roof. Its comprehensive suite of unique business-building and pre-investment programs that continue to support business across Australia and Southeast Asia.

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