Student and graduate profiles

Meet students who are currently studying in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and find out about their experiences.

Eshan Arya

Eshan Arya,

International Relations

"I wanted to understand the socio-economic and political dynamics that shape international affairs"

Tasneem Chopra,

"I now feel I have the skills and confidence to enter the [development] field more realistically."

Anna-Sophie Maass,

International relations and politics

"I am interested in the political evolution of EU-Russia relations during the Putin era."

Luke Raggatt,

International Relations

"The teachers really know their stuff. Having such a multi-cultural class is great too."

David Atkin

David Atkin,

"Leader in ethical and sustainable investment"

Clement Deng

Clement Deng,

International Development

"Helping build brighter futures in South Sudan."

Charlotte Setijadi-Dunn,


"I was attracted to La Trobe’s reputation for Anthropological research and teaching"