Meet our student

Raquel Martins

Course of study:
Bachelor of Media and Communications

“My studies so far have broadened my understanding of the ways in which we communicate, as well as fuelling my passion for event management”

‘I chose to study at La Trobe because I felt welcomed and like I was a part of the community before I even began. Everyone’s friendliness on Open Days and other on campus events, as well as the feel good vibe that the campus has, immediately drew me in. I chose to study Media and Communications as it is a degree that I believe will be very beneficial to me in the future. The subjects provide me with a variety of skills that are up to date and relevant to today’s society and job market. What I enjoy most about my degree is that I am learning from industry professionals, many of whom still work in the industry. This provides me with real-world examples – not just information and ideas that are straight out of a textbook. It also allows me to create important contacts that will assist me once I leave the university.

Studying at La Trobe has given me a lot of opportunities to be involved in extracurricular activities. In my first year at La Trobe (2015) I was a member of the Southern University Games (SUG) Women’s Futsal Team. Since then I have been able to combine my love of photography and sport and attend the 2015 Australian University Games on the Gold Coast (AUG), the 2016 SUG in Melbourne and the 2016 AUG in Perth as the La Trobe Team Photographer.

Being the Team Photographer has been an amazing experience. Not only have I been able to travel around Australia, but I have also been able to meet the teams and students competing for La Trobe and make some amazing friends. The position has taught me how to work quickly and efficiently with a camera and Photoshop. Each day I take anywhere between 1,000–2,000 photos of the La Trobe athletes competing. I then have to sort through these, prepare them for team dinners and upload them to Facebook. It’s usually a crazy week, but I love it! The La Trobe team spirit is so evident at the games and it is incredible to be a part of it.’

Within m

y degree my primary interest centres on interacting with people and problem solving. I have an avid interest and passion for event management and this degree allows me to gain vital skills that will assist me greatly as well as giving me the opportunity to take event management electives and study languages and photography. The degree also has an internship component in third year, which I am hoping to do at an event management company. This will really increase my future job opportunities and will allow me to gain experience in the industry before I leave university. My studies so far have broadened my understanding of the ways in which we communicate, as well as fuelling my passion for event management. I have gained better problem-solving skills and developed a deep appreciation for communication.

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