Meet our student

Kaytlin Hancock

Course of study:
Bachelor of International Development

‘The flexibility of my degree has allowed me to go on a short exchange to Mexico, as well as a semester-long exchange in France.’

‘When comparing La Trobe with other universities, it was apparent that La Trobe boasted a more holistic approach to learning and considered itself an alternative university to the other major players in Melbourne. La Trobe had the course that I was looking for and also a beautiful, big campus away from the city. I chose my course to gain more of a global perspective and understanding of how the world works.

‘Aside from the interesting historical, political and philosophical content of my course, I can honestly say that the most enjoyable part of it is the delivery of my classes. The teachers are extremely dedicated to making sure students receive the information in the best possible way, catering to all learning types and providing an immense amount of support throughout the semester.

‘One of the most rewarding classes, and one which I enjoyed the most throughout my degree, was a class called Globalisation and Development. This class was delivered by one of the quirkiest teachers I have ever come across – a very theatrical and passionate character who would always guarantee a good debate. He liked to deliver his classes in a way which he thought resembled a BBC mini-series. Each class focused on a certain point in history, beginning from the discovery of the Americas in the late 1400s. Each lesson would build upon the previous one, filling gaps in history I never even knew existed. This class gave me a basis of global history and an understanding of the global network that we experience today. I continuously relate back to this class throughout my studies as I build upon my knowledge of history, as well as how the world works.

‘With a degree like International Development it is important to be able to study internationally. The flexibility of my degree has allowed me to go on a short exchange to Mexico, as well as a semester-long exchange in France. La Trobe on both of these occasions provided grants to fund these studies, without which I would not have had the means to do so.

‘My experiences on exchange have been varied. Mexico helped me to realise a solid direction for my life, as we learnt about human rights and immigration while visiting detention centres and meeting migrants who were on a harrowing journey to the USA. This gave me a clear indication of a field I would like to work in. I have also done a semester exchange in France, which was a challenging but valuable experience.

‘To have first-hand experience of a country after learning about it in a classroom is something I think is really important. As I also study French, this exchange was a great opportunity for me to improve my language skills.

‘I have grown so much as a person throughout my degree, with my outlook on the world consistently expanding the more I learn. The degree in itself is quite confronting, and on a personal level, has made me face things such as my position, privilege and whiteness.

‘My opinions have become more flexible, but at the same time they’ve become stronger, as I learn to view the world through the perspective of others. This degree has served to reinforce my morals as well as critically analyse them, which is a valuable skill.

‘Upon finishing my degree, I would like to head straight into a Master of Human Rights. This would ultimately lead me to a position in Mexico assisting migrants/refugees to realise their dream of making it to the USA safely.’

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