Meet our student

Photo of Zach Jones Mr Zachary Jones

Course of study:
Bachelor of Archaeology 2013

La Trobe provides an atmosphere that encourages study. It houses resources and specialists that  provide a unique environment to pursue areas of interest within your chosen field of study. The university is full of people who can offer guidance or simply perspective. La Trobe has a number of courses based on Australian archaeology, both historic and pre historic. I have focused on these as they offer valuable preparation for research and employment.

I have undertaken casual contract work with a number of archaeology firms in Melbourne with the hopes of obtain part time employment in the new year. I have undertaken a range of duties including excavation, site recording, surveying, artefact cleaning, sorting and cataloguing, and laboratory based use wear analysis. Ive found the archaeology volunteer list very useful in gaining work experience and building contacts within the industry.

Challenge yourself, in my experience you get out what you put in. This is not only reflected in your grades but the understanding of topics. I found each research topic more engaging the further I pursued it, and hard work rewarded throughout the course.

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