Helen Vlachos


What led you to your La Trobe course – was it a natural progression from your previous studies and/or professional experience?

My enrolment into my degree was a result from natural progression from high school. 

What were the best things about the Bachelor of Arts course at La Trobe?

The best thing about the BA at Latrobe was that you have the option of different majors, this resulted in meeting a very diverse group of students. This allowed me to meet people and have experiences that may not have occurred in a niche degree. The BA can be such a broad degree, and can be the stepping stone into further study perhaps in your major. Or like me you could gain full time employment after completing the BA.  

How did you find employment after completing your degree?

I was able to gain part time employment into the Victorian Public Service whilst I was completing my degree. After completing my studies I became a full time staff member.

Where did your course lead you after graduating?

After graduating I was available to be a full time staff member still working in the Victorian Public Service. I was working within the area I majored in which was legal studies.

What are the benefits of completing a Bachelor of Arts Degree?

Completing a BA allows for you to explore what you may think is of interest to you, it allows you time to consider you options and undertake diverse subjects.. A BA is the perfect degree for anyone who is still unsure as to what they wish for their chosen to career to be, but would like to study to figure it out. A BA is also a good grounding for completing further studies.

What tips do you have for students undertaking a Bachelor of Arts Degree?

Contact hours for a BA student a relatively less than other degrees, so ensure that out of class time is used wisely and effectively. The BA at Latrobe University offers a variety of majors, so use your electives in your first year to explore what you may wish for your major to be. When writing an essay, think outside the box and don’t just complete what the tutor or lecturer expects, but do more. Do more research and use the resources of the University to your advantage. This may help you get that extra mark for the additional effort you have put in on an essay.

Do you have any suggestions on how students can best position themselves in gaining employment at the end of their degree?

It’s all about the research. There are always graduate jobs being offered as an option and applications are posted the year prior to completing the degree which allows for students to be prepared. Another option which I think works best for someone in a BA is government jobs. This can be within Victoria or around Australia which can even result in overseas work. A lot of government departments also offer graduate positions. The best way to prepare is to also complete a resume. Include in that skills you have gained through university. Public speaking through debates or oral presentations, writing skills which is shown in high grades of an essay, team work skills from having to do a group assignments, time management skills from balancing study, perhaps part time work and a social life.

What are the types of jobs or industries you can enter with a Bachelor of Arts Degree?

There are a wide range of areas that you can work in with a BA. The Public Service both state and federal is a great opportunity for work experience. This can include anything from Health, Justice, or Immigration. The majority of job opportunities in these departments require the completion of a Bachelor’s degree. Another industry you can work in is community organisations.