Australian History

This research explores the national history of culture, race, class, gender, heritage and the arts in Australia including colonial and post-colonial studies, Australian at war, feminism, the history of disabilities and Australian environmental history.

Faculty Research Focus

  • Australian Environmental History
  • Australian Colonial History
  • Australian labour history

Current Projects

  • The transnational history of the Chinese Nationalist Party.
  • An international history of Australian democracy: the impact of Australian innovation overseas and of international human rights in Australia.
  • Cultural landscapes of colonial water management in Victoria's Central Highlands.
  • Unlocking Australia's Chinese archive: the political organisation and social experience of the Chinese Australian community, 1909-1939.
  • Australian generations: life histories, generational change and Australian memory.
  • Working Women on the Land.

Past Projects

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Research Interests

The College will consider any research topic that interests potential PhD students; however, students will benefit from researching in areas that align with the College’s strengths. Please contact us to discuss your PhD topic.

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