Sir John Lubbock Gallery

Sir John Lubbock and the foundation of prehistoric archaeology

This research project by Professor Tim Murray relates to the documentation and publication of a collection of 19 paintings commissioned by Sir John Lubbock and executed by Ernest Griset between 1869 and 1871. These paintings are among the earliest reconstructions of prehistoric life and are thought to have been displayed in Lubbock’s house “High Elms” in Kent along with his collection of artefacts drawn from prehistoric times and ethnographic sources.

18 of the paintings are held in the Bromley Museum in Orpington. Some of the paintings remain the property of Sir John’s grandson, Lord Avebury. The 19th painting is in private hands in Sydney, Australia. Permission to mount the images as a gallery has been granted by both Lord Avebury and the Bromley Museum Services and is gratefully acknowledged.