The ABC’s 7.30 programme has reported on various aspects of the Eurozone crisis on a number of occasions. As well as introducing some of the key issues in a lively and accessible manner, these reports feature Australian commentators and give an Australian perspective. See the links below for some recent reports.

  • Greek exodus? (10/11/2011) A report on a new wave of Greek emigration to Australia as a result of the economic crisis.
  • Berlusconi set to resign (09/11/2011) A report on Berlusconi’s resignation in the context of Italy’s economic woes.
  • Eurozone crisis: you ain’t seen nothing yet (07/11/2011) A report on the fall of the Greek government as a result of its debt crisis, the efficacy of austerity measures, and the potential for the crisis to spread.
  • Eurozone seeks to freeze potential global crisis (26/10/2011) A report on European attempts to resolve the economic crisis before it becomes global and growing tensions between EU member states.