Jean Monnet Chair Project - Dr Stefan Auer

New Pathways in Teaching European Integration

This project supports and improves the quality and availability of European integration studies in Australia. It combines teaching and civic outreach with innovative, multimedia deliverables, capable of attracting a geographically and socially diverse audience. 
The Chair’s teaching, at BA and MA level, emphasises contemporary issues of European integration within a multidisciplinary setting. The BA course also features tailor-made interviews with EU figures. Moreover, the Chair’s activities extend beyond universities to include a series of workshops promoting EU studies to secondary teachers.
In order to maximise the impact of the Chair’s activities, the results will be collated and packaged into various formats, including DVDs and an interactive e-book, comprising highlights of lectures, interviews and other material accumulated by the Chair. All of these resources will be co-ordinated through the Chair’s website so that they are available to a global, as well as Australian, audience.
The project’s broad scope enables it to significantly increase opportunities for EU studies in Australia, and raise the EU’s profile in the community more generally.

The project is supported by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union and is designed for the period 2010-2013.

Further information

For further information about this project please contact:

Dr Stefan Auer
Jean Monnet Chair in EU Interdisciplinary Studies
Phone: +61-3-94793239

You can read more about Dr Stefan Auer by visiting his academic profile page.