Ramus: Critical studies in Greek and Roman literature

Ramus is a peer-reviewed journal that commenced publication in 1972. It publishes articles that make a fresh and significant contribution to our understanding of ancient Greek and Roman literature.

Ramus is edited by Professor Helen Morales from the University of California at Santa Barbara and Professor A.J. Boyle from the University of Southern California. John Penwill, from La Trobe University, is the journal's associate editor and production manager.

Accessing Ramus

La Trobe University staff and students

  1. Go to Library homepage
  2. Under databases, search for Cambridge journals
  3. Enter your username and password
  4. You will then be redirected to Cambridge journals online where you can start searching for Ramus.

External use

You can search for Ramus directly via Cambridge journals online which will allow access to indexes, advice to potential contributors and other limited information. However you will need to subscribe to the site to take advantage of full access to the journal.