Issue 70

April 2017


Editorial Note Meredith Rogers and Julian Meyrick

‘The Elasticity of Her Spirits’: Actresses and Resilience on the Nineteenth- Century Colonial Stage Jane Woollard

'Chaos' and 'Convergence' on the Western Australian Goldfields: The Politics of Performance in the 1890s William Dunstone andHelena Grehan

Black, White, and Red Faces: Race and Performance at NIDA ChristopherHay

'A Rare Opportunity to Fail': STAB's Legacy of Theatrical Experimentation Emma Willis

Performing Emotion to Remember a Pakeha Worldview Adriann Smith

Hyperrealism and the Everyday: The Plays of Ranters Theatre Raimondo Cortese

Dramaturgy of Mobility: Towards Crossover and Fusion in Out of the Ordinary MaggieIvanova and Alex Vickery-Howe

'Mad March' in the Festival City: Place-Making and Cultural Clash at Adelaide’s Festivals SarahThomasson


SALLY RICHARDS, Caryl Churchill, by Mary Luckhurst;

MARYROSE CASEY, Audienceas Performer:The Changing Role of Theatre Audiences in the Twenty-First Century, by Caroline Heim;

DAVID O'DONNELL, Japanese Robot Culture:Performance, Imagination and Modernity, by Yuji Sone;

LISA WARRINGTON, Best Playwriting Book Ever, by Roger Hall, plus Shift– three plays, by Alison Quigan, Vivienne Plumb & Lynda Chanwai-Earle, edited by David O'Donnell