Issue 68

April 2016


Editorial Note by Meredith Rogers

Screening Live Performance: Australia’s Major Theatre Companies In The Age Of Digital Transmission by Richard Fotheringham

Top Girls ‘Down Under’ by Campion Decent

Theatre Animals: Sumner Locke Elliott’s Invisible Circus by Anne Pender

The Sacrifice Of Oriel Gray (1920–2003): Australian Playwright by Merrilee Moss.

Real Men At Play: Massive Company’s The Brave by Rand Hazou

Applied Theatre Techniques For Community Workers – Towards A Performative And Anti-Oppressive Ethical Approach by Athena Lathouras, Jo Loth And Dyann Ross

Acting In Verbatim Theatre: An Australian Case Study by Sarah Peters

Reinterpreting Passion: A Study Of Habib Tanvir’s Theatre by Prateek


Tom Gutteridge, What a Body Can Do by Ben Spatz

D B Valentine, Blackta by Nathaniel Martello-White

Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi, Othello: Language and Writing by Laurie Maguire

Josey De Rossi, Theatre and Migration by Emma Cox (Foreword by Peter Sellars)

Josey De Rossi, Theatre and Time by David Wiles

Rand T Hazou, Performing Digital: Multiple Perspectives on a Living Archive, edited by David Carlin and Laurene Vaughan

Kerryn Palmer, Children of the Poor by Mervyn Thompson and Stage Adventures and Stage Adventures: Eight Classroom Plays, edited by David O’Donnell

James Wenley, The Plays of Bruce Mason: A Survey by John Smythe.