Issue 65


October 2014


Russell Fewster

Staging David Hicks

Richard Jordan

Digital Alchemy: The Posthuman Drama of Adam J.A. Cass's
I Love You, Bro

Jodie Mcneilly

A Phenomenology of Chunky Move's GLOW: Moves Toward
a Digital Dramaturgy

Lara Stevens

Alienation in the Information Age: Wafaa Bilal's Domestic Tension

Suzanne Kersten, David Pledger, Julian Rickert, Tamara Saulwick and Hellen Sky with Gorkem Acaroglu and Glenn D'Cruz

Working with Technology/Making Technology Work: a Round Table Discussion

Robert Walton

Bewildering Behaviour: Practice as Research for Audiences and
Other Creators of Immersive Performance

Robin Deacon

White Balance: a History of Video

Yoni Prior

Impossible Triangles: Flat Actors in Telematic Theatre 

Asher Warren

Mixed Actor Network Reality: a Performance in Three Networks

Susan Broadhurst

Theorising Performance and Technology:
Aesthetic and Neuroaesthetic Approaches

Gorkem Acaroglu

Cyborg Presence in Narrative Theatre

Yuji Sone

Imaginary Warriors: Fighting Robots in Japanese Popular Entertainment Performance

Glenn D'Cruz

6 Things I Know About Geminoid F, or What I Think About 
When I Think About Android Theatre

Gorkem Acaroglu

Sayonara Interviews: Android–Human Theatre


VERONICA KELLY, Circus and Stage: The Theatrical Adventures of Rose Edouin and G.B.W. Lewis, by Mimi Colligan; PAUL MONAGHAN, Postdramatic Theatre and the Political, edited by Karen Jürs-Munby, Jerome Carroll and Steve Giles; NICOLA HYLAND, Enacting Nature: Ecocritical Perspectives on Indigenous Performance, edited by Birgit Dawes and Marc Maufort; FIONA GREGORY, Rhythm and Meaning in Shakespeare: A Guide for Readers and Actors, by Peter Groves; CHRIS HAY, Teaching Shakespeare and Marlowe: Learning Versus the System, by Liam E. Semler; and KATH BICKNELL, The Audience Experience: A Critical Analysis of Audiences in the Performing Arts, edited by Jennifer Radbourne, Hilary Glow and Katya Johanson.