Issue 64

April 2014


Meredith Rogers and Julian Meyrick


Helen Thomson                                                                                                   

Obituary for GJM

Geoffrey Milne                                                                                                  

Australian Theatre in the 1980s: Trends and Movements

Robert Reid

A City This Size Should Have So Many Theatres: The Church Theatre, 1983–1989

Paul Davies                                                                                                          

Dramatic Tales Stir the Suburbs: Melbourne's Location Theatre Movement, 1979–1990

Meredith Rogers                                                                                               

At Home with The Mill: Democratic Theatre-Making in Geelong, 1978–1984

Jane Mullett                                                                                                        

Australian New Circus in the 1980s

Peter Eckersall (Moderator) with Russell Walsh, Suzanne Chaundy, Peter King, Patricia Cornelius, Bob Pavlich, John Ellis                                    

Round Table on Theatre in Melbourne in the 1980s

Julian Meyrick                                                                                                   

The Logic of Culture: The Fate of Alternative Theatre in the Post-Whitlam Period

Glenn d'Cruz                                                                                                      

The Man Who Mistook Marat for Sade: 'Living' Memory and the Video Archive

Alison Richards                                                                                                

Your History: Manning Clark's A History of Australia and the End of the New Wave

Gillian Arrighi                                                                                                  

Towards a Cultural History of Community Circus in Australia

Rebekah Woodward-Hanna                                                                       

A Patchwork of Participation: Wan Smolbag Theatre's 'Big Plays' in Vanuatu

Natalie Lazaroo                                                                                               

We're Off to See the Wizard of Auslan: Translating Deaf Experience Through Community Performance

Jonathan Bollen                                                                                              

From The Silver Lining to The Roaring Days!: Amateur Theatre and Social Class in Broken Hill, 1940s–1960s

Murray Couch                                                                                                    

Sex, Gender and the Industrial: Plays Performed by Broken Hill Repertory Society, 1945–1969

Chris Wenn                                                                                                            

How I Heard: The 'Phenomenarchaeology' of Performance


HELENA GREHAN, Theatre and Performance in the Asia-Pacific: Regional Modernities in the Global Era, by Denise Varney, Peter Eckersall, Chris Hudson and Barbara Hatley; ANDRÉ BASTIAN, Telling Stories: Aboriginal Australian and Torres Strait Islander Performance, by Maryrose Casey, with an Afterword by Liza-Mare Syron; KIM BASTON, 'We're People Who Do Shows': Back To Back Theatre: Performance Politics Visibility, edited by Helena Grehan and Peter Eckersall; KAREN KARTOMI THOMAS, Performance, Popular Culture, and Piety in Muslim Southeast Asia, edited by Timothy P. Daniels; FELIX NOBIS, The Twentieth-Century Performance Reader, 3rd edn, edited by Teresa Bradshaw and Noel Witts; MERRILEE MOSS, Transparency, by Suzie Miller, Kelly, by Matthew Ryan, and Cyberbile and Grounded, by Alana Valentine; LISA WARRINGTON, Downfall: Three New Zealand History Plays, by Michelanne Forster, and Playmarket 40: 40 Years of Playwriting in New Zealand, edited by Laurie Atkinson, and David O'Donnell: RAND T. HAZOU, Rebellious Mirrors: Community-Based Theatre in Aotearoa/New Zealand, by Paul Maunder; DAVID O'DONNELL, Me & Robert McKee, by Greg McGee; EMMA WILLIS, Three Plays: Robert Lord, edited by Philip Mann; DAVID O'DONNELL, Twenty New Zealand Playwrights, by Michelanne Forster and Vivienne Plumb