Study a language

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When you study a language at La Trobe, you gain access to an invaluable source of new information and experiences. Each language offers a unique window into one different ways of perceiving and interacting with the world.

Most La Trobe students can learn a language while they complete their degree. By studying a language, you can develop a deeper understanding of it within the context of its cultural, literary, social and religious origins.

The following languages are available at La Trobe:

Why I study Indonesian

Course options

You can study a language by:

  • enrolling in a Bachelor of Arts
  • completing a Diploma in Languages
  • studying a language as an additional major
  • enrolling in a single language subject.

You can also consolidate your language skills by entering the Study Abroad program.

Study a language in the Bachelor of Arts

University students can expect to change careers up to 10 times over the course of their working life. When you study a language as part of a Bachelor of Arts, you can focus on your interests and career goals while increasing your appeal to employers around the world.

The Diploma in Languages

You can enrol in a Diploma in Languages if you have completed an undergraduate degree. In most cases, you can also complete this diploma if you are a current undergraduate student at La Trobe University.


Study Abroad

Have you ever wanted to live like the French or Chinese do? If you study a language at La Trobe, you can put your language skills to use by entering the Study Abroad program. This program lets you choose between an exchange or short-term program. In some cases, you can complement your language study with faculty study tours in archaeology, history, international relations, politics, and European studies.