Dr Trevor

Dr Trevor Hogan

Senior Lecturer, Director - Philippines-Australia Studies Centre.

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Social Inquiry

SS409 , Melbourne (Bundoora)

Research centres

Philippines Australia Studies Centre


BA (Hons- Murdoch); BD (Hons-Melbourne); PhD (La Trobe).



Membership of professional associations

Thesis Eleven Centre for Cultural Sociology, La Trobe University. Philippines-Australia Studies Centre, La Trobe University. 2003

Area of study


Brief profile

Research: Trevor is Director, Research, School of Humanities and Social Sciences.  He is also Director of Thesis Eleven Centre for Cultural Sociology and Director of the Philippines-Australia Studies Centre.

Research Training:  He is currently principal supervisor of 13 doctoral candidates and co-supervisor of 3 doctoral candidates. In 2015 he oversaw three successful ph.d. completions and his student, Dr Edwin Wise, won the Rhys Isaac Prize for the best doctoral thesis in Humanities and Social Sciences for March 2014 to June 2015.

Teaching:  Trevor has taught for many years across all years and sociology topics. in 2015 he designed the curriculum for three new subjects (sociology of culture; theory, culture and society; when the levee breaks) and coordinated teaching teams across the regional campuses.  As well, he contributed to the digital learning programs for two of these subjects.

'When the Levee Breaks: New Orleans and the Mississippi' is a College-wide multi-disciplinary subject involving a field trip to New Orleans, and the Mississippi Delta. With Raul Sanchez-Urribarri and Terrie Waddell and a team of teachers, designers, and community activists at La Trobe and at 3 universities and many other organisations in the American South. The first instance of this subject  is 2016 and we will be taking 44 students. 4 HDRs  will mentor 36 undergraduates in developing research projects as well as producing a research output themselves for publication. We have organised the the students into groups to match four key Research Focus Area themes of the university's Transforming Human Societies RFA: 1. movements and cultures, 2. sustainability 3. social and economic justice, and 4. sexuality, gender and human rights.

Research interests

Social and Cultural Anthropology

- Comparative and historical sociology

Urban Sociology and Community Studies

- Social theory

Teaching units

  • SOC2TCS: Theory, Culture and Society
  • SOC2ACR: Australian Cities and Regions (with Andrew Butt)
  • SOC3APC: Asia Pacific Cities
  • HUS2MIS:  'When the Levee Breaks': New Orleans and the Mississippi

Recent publications

  •  2015  The Martin Presence: Jean Martin and the Social Sciences in Australia, 1923-1979.  With Peter Beilharz and Sheila Shaver. Sydney: The University of NSW Press.
  • 2014 'Big City Blues' (with Julian Potter) Thesis Eleven, 121, April: 3-8.
  • 2013 ‘Australian Suburbia as Material Culture and Civilization:  some ruminations on driving home and away’- Essay for catalogue for Plenty – photographs curated by Dr Vincent Alessi, Director, La Trobe University Museum of Art (LUMA), Bundoora.
  • 2012 Sociology: Antipodean Perspectives. Edited with Peter Beilharz. Melbourne: Oxford University Press. 2nd edition. Over a third of the book entirely new: 35 new authors; 22 new chapters.
  • 2012  ‘Australian Cities’ in Sociology: Antipodean Perspectives. Edited with Peter Beilharz. Melbourne: Oxford University Press. 2nd edition.
  • 2012 ‘Southeast Asian Cities’ in Sociology: Antipodean Perspectives.
  • 2012 (with Peter Beilharz) ‘The Peculiar Path of Australian Modernity’ in Sociology: Antipodean Perspectives.
  • 2012 (with Peter Beilharz) ‘The Australian Settlement in the New Century’ in Sociology: Antipodean Perspectives.
  • 2012 (with Christine Ellem) ‘Papua New Guinea and Australia’ in Sociology: Antipodean Perspectives.
  • 2012 (with Terri-Ann White) ‘Perth’ in Sociology: Antipodean Perspectives. .
  • 2012 (with Ira Raja)  ‘Media and Mediated Popular Cultures in India: new exploratory essays on visual and print cultures’ Thesis Eleven, 113, December: 3-10.
  • 2012  ‘Manila’s Urbanism and Philippine Visual Cultures’ Thesis Eleven, 112, October: 3-9.
  • 2012 (with Peter Murphy) ‘Discordant Order: Manila’s Neo-Patrimonial Urbanism’ Thesis Eleven, 112, October: 10-34
  • 2012  (with Caleb J. Hogan) ‘Gates and Borders: a photo essay of Manila’s privatising urbanism’ Thesis Eleven, 112, October: 35-50.
  • 2012  (with Clinton J. Walker and Peter Beilharz) Rock ‘n’ Labels: Tracking the Australian Recording Industry in ‘The Vinyl Age’. Part Two: 1970-1995, and After’ Thesis Eleven, 110, June: 112-131.
  • 2012  (with Clinton J. Walker and Peter Beilharz)  ‘Rock ‘n’ Labels: Tracking the Australian Recording Industry in ‘The Vinyl Age. Part One: 1945-1970’ Thesis Eleven, 109, April: 71-88.
  • 2012  (with Tim Bunnell, C. P. Pow, Eka Permanasari, and Morshidi Sirat) ‘Asian Urbanisms and the Privatization of Cities: between regional synthesis and the serial replication of case studies’ Cities. 29:1, February: 59-63.
  • 2012  ‘Writing Oz Pop an insider’s account of Australian popular culture making and historiography: An interview with Clinton J Walker by Trevor Hogan and Peter Beilharz’ Thesis Eleven, 109, April: 89-114.
  • 2010  Hogan, T., Anand, D. and Henderson, K., ‘Environment and Culture’ in John R. Hall et al. (eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Cultural Sociology, London: Routledge.

Research projects

My own long term project is to write on Cities, Civitas and Civilizations: From Anti-Urbanism to Hyper-Urbanism in an epoch of Global urbanization. i am currently working on two projects: 'laneways of Melbourne and the public-private dialectic of streets in heritage districts' (RFA-THS project with Dr Edwin Wise, Dr Warwick Frost and Dr Jennifer Laing) and on Asian urban futures 21 for a workshop hosted by Department of Geography, National university of Singapore, 2016.

In my work as Director of the Philippines-Australia Studies Centre I am promoting two projects: 1. a public sector linkage project (involving environmental scientists, social scientists, miners, and Indigenous communities) on land restoration projects after mining that promote sustainable development; and 2. an inter-disciplinary visual arts-exchange project between La Trobe and Ateneo de Manila University. 

In my work as Director of Thesis Eleven Centre I am looking at ways to replicate our work in the Philippines in India and in collaboration with all five centres affiliated with us (Yale, Leeds, Copenhagen, Johannesburg, Delhi and Manila).

With Emeritus Professor Peter Beilharz,  I am working on ways to think of Australia as antipodes (one project on history of Australian social sciences and another on developing new approaches to doing sociology in Australia in teaching and research) and to encourage cultural sociology of popular culture such as music and sport that combines critical traditions of the sociology of power with performative appreciation of creativity in everyday life.