Dr Lisa

Dr Lisa Beaven


College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Archaeology and History

DMB E101, Melbourne (Bundoora)


BA University of Canterbury (NZ), MA University of Canterbury (NZ), Postgrad Dip Art Curatorship (Melbourne), PhD (Melbourne)



Area of study


Brief profile

Lisa Beaven joined the School of Visual Arts and Design in Bendigo in 2003 as lecturer in Art and Visual Culture. In 2007 she transferred to the Bundoora campus of La Trobe University and joined the history program. She is now lecturer in Art history at Bundoora and teaches the first year course Art from Renaissance to Impressionism as well as courses on European art and travel and Baroque Art. She has also taught at Melbourne and Auckland Universities and was the 2008 Trendall Fellow at the British School at Rome.

Lisa’s research interests are focused on seventeenth century Rome, with a particular interest in patronage and collecting. She is also interested in the issue of false relics, the relationship between the church and antiquarian circles in Rome, and patronage networks for landscape painting.

Research interests

Art History

- Antiquarianism and the history of collecting

- Art and travel

Art Theory

- Landscape theory

Teaching units

  • ARH1ARW - Art from Renaissance to Impressionism.
  • ARH2/3BAA - Art and Passion in the Baroque.
  • ARH2/3ETA - European Travel and Art.

Recent publications

  • ‘The Galleria of Cardinal Camillo Massimo in seventeenth century Rome’, in Galleries in a Comparative European Perspective (ed. C. Strunck), Römisches Jahrbuch der Biblioteca Hertziana, Rome, 2011.
  • An Ardent Patron: Cardinal Camillo Massimo and his artistic and antiquarian circles in Rome, Paul Holberton Press, London and CEEH, Madrid, 2010
  • ‘‘E cortesi, erudito, e disinvolto al pari di qualunque altro buon corteggiano’: Cardinal Camillo Massimo (1620-1677) at the court of Pope Clement X Altieri’, in  Possessions. Renaissance Cardinals. Rites and Rituals, C. Richardson and M. Hollingsworth (eds), Penn. State University Press, University Park, Pennsylvania, 2010, pp. 309-327.
  • ‘Cardinal Camillo Massimo as art agent of the Altieri’, in Art and Identity in Early Modern Rome, M. Bury and J. Burke (eds), Ashgate, 2008, pp. 171-187
  • ‘Someone to watch over me: The Guardian Angel as Superhero in seventeenth century Rome’, in Wendy Haslem, Chris Mackie & Angela Ndalianis (eds.), Super/Heroes: An Anthology, New Academia Press, Washington, 2007. ISBN 0-9777908-4-3. Chapter 18, pp. 251-261.
  • ‘Claude Lorrain’s Harbour Scenes: sun, science and the theatre in the Barberini years’, in David R. Marshall (ed.), Art, Site and Spectacle: Studies in Early Modern Visual Culture, Melbourne, Fine Arts Network, 2007, pp. 147-161.
  • ‘Cardinal Camillo Massimo and Claude Lorrain: Landscape and the construction of identity in seicento Rome’, Storia dell’Arte, no. 112, April 2006 pp. 23-36.

Conference Papers

  • Beaven, L 2008, ‘Francesco da Hollanda, Camillo Massimo and the Domus Aurea’, conference paper, international interdisciplinary conference ‘Before and After Palladio’s Rome’, 20-22 February, British School at Rome, Rome, Italy.
  • Beaven, L 2008, ‘Claude Lorrain and La Crescenza: Landscape, ecology and climate change in the Roman Campagna’, conference paper, international interdisciplinary conference, ‘Landscape and Environment 1480-1750’, Early Modern Research Group, Reading University, 14-16 July, Reading University, United Kingdom.

Research projects

  • Claude Lorrain: Late Landscapes and patronage networks (with Helen Langdon)
  • Landscape painting and the Roman Campagna
  • Profiting from Pilgrims: The market for relics in seventeenth century Rome
  • Travel and the built environment of Rome (with Joan Barclay Lloyd)
  • Spatial Encounters: the Baroque, the Neo-Baroque and Performing the Senses