Dr Yangbin

Dr Yangbin Chen

Senior Lecturer

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Languages and Linguistics

HU3-307, Melbourne (Bundoora)


PhD (The University of Hong Kong), MEd (Nanjing Normal University)



Membership of professional associations

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHSS) Human Research Ethics Committee;
International Advisory Board, The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Yearbooks: Educational Development;
Asian Studies Assoc. of Aust. (ASAA);
Chinese Studies Assoc. of Aust. (CSAA).
Wah Ching China Education Research Centre (CERC), The University of Hong Kong.

Area of study

Asian Studies

Brief profile

Before joining La Trobe University in 2009, Yangbin had worked for, respectively, The University of New South Wales, University of Western Sydney, Nanjing Normal University and Chinese National Commission for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in Beijing. He published in English and Chinese on a broad area of social, cultural and political issues in contemporary China, as well as of e-learning in teaching Chinese as a second language.

Research interests

Asian Cultural Studies

- Ethnic studies, social and educational development in contemporary China

Chinese Languages

- Teaching Chinese as a second language, Chinese sociolinguistics

Teaching units

    • CHI1001 & 1002 - Chinese Beginners 1 & 2; 
    • CHI1005 & 1006 /CHI3AD5 / AD6 Chinese Dialect Speakers 1 & 2 (Co-taught with Chinese Advanced 3AD5 & 3AD6); 
    • CHI3CPA/3CPB – Readings in Contemporary Chinese Proses A & B; 
    • AST2MMA- The Making of Modern Asia; 
    • AST4COR- Asian Studies Honours Research Methods 

Recent publications

Edited Book


Refereed Book Chapters

  • Leibold, J. and Chen, Y.B. (2014). Chinese Minority Education in the New Millennium: Towards Multi-cultural or Multi-minzu Education? In J. Leibold and Y.B. Chen, (eds) Multicultural Education in China: Balancing Unity with Diversity. pp. 1-24. The University of Hong Kong Press.
  • Chen, Y.B. (2014). Towards Another Minority Educational Elite Group in Xinjiang?  In J. Leibold and Y. B. Chen, (eds) Multicultural Education in China: Balancing Unity with Diversity. pp. 201-218. The University of Hong Kong Press.
  • Chen, Y.B. Young Uyghur’ Perceptions of Han Chinese: from Xinjiang to Inland, from State to Individual. In X.W. Zang and J. S. Finley (eds) Uyghur Youth Identities in Urban Xinjiang, Rutledge, in press 2014.
  • Chen, Y. B. From Uncle Kurban to Brother Alimujiang and Grandma Alipa: The Politics of Uyghur Image Construction in China. In A. Hayes and M. Clark, (eds) Inside China: Space, Place and Power in Xinjiang. Cambridge University Press, in press 2014.
  • Chen, Y.B. (2012). Islam in Asian Education, in J. Banks (ed.) Encyclopaedia of Diversity in Education. Volume II, pp. 1275-1277.  London: Sage Publications.

Refereed Journal Articles

Others: Research Report & Book Reviews

  • Chen, Y.B. Book review on Luo Jihua, Cultural Reproduction and Educational Choice through Cultural Change: The Case of Dai Monk Students in Sishuanbanna, Minzu Publishing House, 2013. In China Educational Frontier.
  • Chen, Y. B. Book review on The Uncommon Sense of the Immortal Mullah Nasrudddin: Stories, Jests, and Donkey Tales of the Beloved Persian Folk Hero, Collected and retold by Ron J. Suresha, Maple Shade, NJ: Lethe Press. 2011. HUMOR: International Journal of Humour Research, 2013.
  • Chen, Y. B. & Shen, H. Z. (2007), ‘Chinese Background Students’ Attitudes towards Chinese Language: A Case Study in an Australian Community Language School’. Research report for Endeavour Australia Cheung Kong Award Project 2005, Cheung Kong Group and Australian Government, Australian Education International.
  • Chen, Y.B. (2006). Book review for Islam in China: Hui and Uyghurs between Modernization and Sinicization, Jean A. Berlie, 2004. Bangkok: White Lotus. Co.,Ltd. In  Asian Ethnicity. Volume 7, Issue 1, February 2006, pages 117-118.
  • Zhang, L. T. and Chen, Y.B. (2002), ‘Report of case study on improving primary school teacher education in China’s poverty areas’, in LT Zhang (ed.), International Comparative Study on Training of Primary School Teachers in Underdeveloped Areas, UNESCO International Rural Education Research and Training Centre (INRULED), Nanjing.

E-textbook for Chinese Subject

  • Chen, Y. B. and Wang, P. Chinese and China 2013, online textbook for CHI3CPA & CHI3CPB, Asian Studies  Program, School of Humanities, at La Trobe University, and for Professional Chinese Subject, School of Humanities and Languages, University of New South Wales.

Paper Presentations for Conference, Workshop and Seminar

  • Chen, Y.B. Teaching Chinese beyond China in the 21st Century: The Implications of Asia Literacy vs Confucius Institute. The 13th CSAA Biennial Conference Tasmania, July 9-11, 2013.
  • Chen, Y. B. Uncle Kurban, Brother Alimujiang and More: The Politics of Uyghur Representations in Chinese Public Media, paper presented for The 19th Biennial Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA), University of Western Sydney. 11th to 13th July 2012.
  • Chen, Y. B. Culture Representation and Schools: Aboriginals in Australia and Tibetans in China. Paper presented for The Chinese Studies Association of Australia - 12th Biennial Conference, The Australian National University, 13th-15th July, 2011.
  • Chen, Y.B. Education, job and ethnicity: Challenges for Uyghur graduates from Chinese dislocated minority boarding schools, paper presented for 2011 Melbourne Conference on China: The City, the Countryside and the World – China’s urban and rural transformations and their global connections, The University of Melbourne.  6th to 7th August 2011.
  • Chen, Y. B. Settlement Centres in Australia and Dislocated Boarding Schools in China: A Comparative Study. Paper presented for School of Social Sciences Research Seminar. 19th October 2011.
  • Chen, Y. B. Towards Another Minority Educational Elite Group in Xinjiang? Paper presented for Workshop on Beyond the Xinjiang Problem, Australian National University and Indiana University, 3 to 4 November 2011, and Workshop II on Multicultural Education in China: Integration, Adaptation, and Resistance. The University of Hong Kong. 24th to 26th September 2011.
  • Chen, Y.  B. Flowers and Thorns: The Uyghur Minority Youth’s perceptions of the Han Majority in China. Paper presented for The 18th Biennial Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia, The University of Adelaide 5th to 8th July 2010.

Research projects

  • China’s New Uyghur Educational Elites: A longitudinal study on China’s minority boarding school policy: the Xinjiangban. 
  • Online collaborative Chinese textbook for professional Chinese learners, working with Dr Wang Ping, The University of New South Wales.
  • Research project on Chinese E-learning: Based on this Google Site teaching experiment, a study to explore Chinese international students’ perceptions and self-efficacies in online collaborative learning activities at university, working with Ms Xiaoxia Wang, LTU.

Supervision - Current Honours and postgraduate students (MA & PhD)’ research topics:

  • Social changes and elderly care in rural China.
  • The effects of Chinese social media on the acquisition of Chinese as a second language: Take Microblog and Wechat for examples. 
  • Sunzi bingfa (The Art of War) and Chinese Business.
  • Chinese Communist Party media on ethnic minority issues after 1949. .
  • Chinese ethnic minority Miao women living in Shanghai and their senses of place, gender and identity.