Dr Richard

Dr Richard Cosgrove

Associate Professor

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Archaeology and History

MB 167, Melbourne (Bundoora)


BA (ANU), MA (James Cook), PhD (La Trobe).



Membership of professional associations

International Council for Zooarchaeology, Australasian Quaternary Association, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, Royal Society of Tasmania, Committee Member Australasian Research Cluster for Archaeological Science.

Area of study


Brief profile

My research and teaching experience has been in human behavioural ecology, rock art studies, palaeoecology, zooarchaeology, stone artefact analysis and hunter-gatherer archaeology. I have carried out field work and research in most Australian states and, internationally in England, China, Jordan and France over the last 30 years. The time period that I study is from the Palaeolithic to the Holocene periods, from about 1 million years ago up to the historic period. I have advised the Tasmanian forest industry, ICOMOS, the World Heritage Centre and the Tasmanian Aboriginal Lands and Sea Council on cultural heritage matters for over 20 years. I work closely with the Queensland Wet Tropics, Aboriginal communities and Environmental Protection agencies, northeast Queensland on Indigenous cultural heritage management.

Research interests

Archaeological Science

- Archaeobotany, Zooarchaeology, isotopic and nutritional analysis

Archaeology of Australia

- Archaeology of the Kimberley

- Human behavioural ecology

- Hunter-gatherer archaeology

- Rock art

Teaching units

  • ARC3AIA - Australian Indigenous Archaeology;
  • ARC2ART - Art and Symbolism of the Ancients;
  • ARC5BON - Animal Bones;
  • ARC3ZOO - The Archaeology of Animals.


Tasmanian forest industry, ICOMOS, World Heritage Centre, Queensland Wet Tropics Authority

Recent publications



  1. Buckley, M., R. Cosgrove, J. Garvey and G. Predeaux, 2017. Identifying remains of extinct kangaroos in Late Pleistocene deposits using collagen fingerprinting. JOURNAL OF QUATERNARY SCIENCE (2017) 32(5) 653–660.
  2. Cosgrove, R. and J. Garvey, 2017. Behavioural inferences from late Pleistocene Aboriginal Australia: seasonality, butchery and nutrition in southwest Tasmania. In Umberto Albarella, Hannah Russ, Kim Vickers & Sarah Viner-Daniels (eds), The Oxford Handbook in Zooarchaeology, Oxford University Press.
  3. Hongyan Zhang, Huayu Lu, Shejiang Wang, Enlou Zhang, Richard Cosgrove, Wenchao Zhang ,LuLi, 2017. Consistent C3 plant habitat of hominins during 400-300 ka at the Longyadong Cave site (Luonan Basin, central China) revealed by stable carbon isotope analyses of loess deposits. Journal of Human Evolution 108:1-10.
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Older publications

Book Chapters

Cosgrove, Richard, Anne Pike‐Tay and Wil Roebroeks, 2014. Tasmanian archaeology and reflections on modern human behaviour. In Southern Asia, Australia, and the Search for Human Origins, edited by Robin Dennell and Martin Porr. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. Pages 267-286. Cosgrove, R. 2013 Perspectives on Global Comparative hunter- gatherer Archaeology. In D. Frankel, J. Webb and S. Lawrence (eds) Intersections and Transformations: Archaeological Studies in Environment and Technology. Routledge, Oxford, UK, pages 13-40. Patrick T. Moss, Richard Cosgrove, Simon G. Haberle and Asa Ferrier 2012 Holocene Landscape Change in the sclerophyll woodlands of the Wet Tropics of north‐eastern Australia. In S. Haberle and B. David (eds) Peopled Landscapes: Archaeological and Biogeographic Approaches to Landscapes. Terra Australis 34. ANU Press, pp 329-341. Ferrier, Asa and Richard Cosgrove, 2012. Aboriginal exploitation of toxic nuts as a late-Holocene subsistence strategy in Australia’s tropical rainforests. In S. Haberle and B. David (eds) Peopled Landscapes: Archaeological and Biogeographic Approaches to Landscapes. Terra Australis 34. ANU Press, pp 104-120. Field, J., R. Cosgrove, R. Fullagar & B. Lance, 2009. Starch residues on grinding stones in private collections: a study of morahs from the tropical rainforests of NE Queensland. In Sue Nugent, Luke Kirkwood, Alison Crowther and Michael Haslam (eds), Archaeological Science under a Microscope: Studies in residue and ancient DNA analysis in honour of Tom Loy. Terra Australis 30, pp 218‐228. Wang, S., R. Cosgrove, H. Lu, C. Shen, W. Ming and X. Zhang, 2008. New Progress on Palaeolithic Studies in the Luonan Basin, Eastern Qinling Mountains, China. In K. Matsufuji (ed), Loess-Paleosol and Paleolithic Chronology in East Asia, pp 145‐161. Cosgrove, R., 2006. The archaeology of global expansion 300,000‐8,000 years ago: the archaeology of late Pleistocene Australia and the Pacific. In S.L. Elias (ed) Encyclopaedia of Quaternary Sciences, Elsevier, United Kingdom, pp 118‐129. Pike‐Tay, A. and R. Cosgrove, 2006. ‘Mousterians of the Antipodes? ’Exploring ‘modern human behaviour’ in Late Pleistocene Tasmania. Zona Arqueologica: Papers in honour of Vicky Cabrera, Volume 1. Museo Arqueologica Regional, Mexico, pp 336‐346. Cosgrove, R. and J. Allen 2001 Prey choice and Hunting Strategies in the Late Pleistocene: Evidence from Southwest Tasmania. In A. Anderson, S. O’Connor and I. Lilley (eds) Histories of Old Ages: essays in honour of Rhys Jones. Coombs Academic Publishing, Australian National University, Canberra, pp 397-429.  Cosgrove, R. 2000 Lithic Raw Material Distribution in Tasmania. In A. Anderson and T. Murray (eds) Australian Archaeologist: Collected Papers in Honour of Jim Allen, Coombs Academic Publishing, Australian National University, Canberra. Cosgrove, R. 1997 The Tasmanian Aborigines through the Ice Age. In E. Webb (ed) Windows on Meteorology: Australian Perspective. CSIRO, Melbourne, pp 46-58. Allen, J. and R. Cosgrove 1996 Fieldwork Methods and Techniques of Analysis. In J. Allen (ed) Report of the Southern Forests Archaeological Project, Vol. 1 Department of Archaeology, La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia. Cosgrove, R. and J. Allen 1996 Research Aims and Theorectical Perspectives. In J. Allen (ed) Report of the Southern Forests Archaeological Project, Vol. 1 Department of Archaeology, La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia. Allen, J. and R. Cosgrove 1996 Introduction. In J. Allen (ed) Report of the Southern Forests Archaeological Project, Vol. 1 Department of Archaeology, La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia. Cosgrove, R. 1996 ORS 7: Stratigraphy and Chronology. In J. Allen (ed) Report of the Southern Forests Archaeological Project, Vol. 1 Department of Archaeology, La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia.. Cosgrove, R. 1996 Nunamira Cave: Stratigraphy and Chronology. In J. Allen (ed) Report of the Southern Forests Archaeological Project, Vol. 1 Department of Archaeology, La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia. Cosgrove, R. 1993 Hunters on the Edge of the Tasmanian Ice. In Goran Burenhult (ed) The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Humankind. The First Humans. Volume 1 American Museum of Natural History. Weldon Owen, Sydney, pp 166-167. McNiven, I., B. Marshall, J. Allen, N. Stern. and R. Cosgrove 1993 Overview of the Southern Forests Project. In M. Smith, M. Spriggs and B. Frankhuser (eds) Sahul in Review, pp 213-224.

Research projects

ARC Projects and other Awards

  1. 2017: Research Focus Area, Transforming Human Societies Grant: “The Best Tucker in the World”: Indigenous Subsistence Practices in the Kimberley, Western Australia. Chief investigators: Associate Professor Richard Cosgrove, LTU and Dr Judith Field, UNSW. $21,000.

  2. 2016-2017: Kimberley Foundation Australia: Past Indigenous Subsistence Practices in the Kimberley: a comparative approach. Chief investigators: Associate Professor Richard Cosgrove, Dr Judith Field and Dr Jillian Garvey. $20,000.

  3. 2015-2018: ARC Discovery Grant DP 150100586. Well beaten tracks: antiquity of Aboriginal landuse in eastern Tasmania. With Dr Jillian Garvey and Associate Professor John Webb, La Trobe University. $356,322.
  4. 2012‐2014: ARC Discovery Grant, DP120100580, Forty‐two degrees of latitude: comparative archaeologies of southwest Tasmania and southwest France during the last Ice Age. Collaborators: Dr Colin Smith (LTU), Professor Wil Roebroeks (Leiden University), Professor Anne Pike-Tay (Vassar College, New York), Professor Jean-Michel Geneste, (University of Bordeaux 1). $232,500.
  5. 2009‐2012: ARC Discovery Grant, DP0986579, Light islands in a sea of dark rainforest: Human influence on fire, climate and biodiversity in the Australian tropics. Collaborators: Dr Simon Haberle (ANU), Dr Patrick Moss (U of Q), Professor James O’Connell (Utah University), Dr Asa Ferrier (LTU). $443,685.
  6. 2006‐2008: ARC Discovery Grant DP0665250, Middle and Upper Palaeolithic human behaviour in China. Collaborators: Professor Huayu Lu (Nanjing University), Dr Chen Shen (Toronto Museum), Professor Shejiang Wang (Institute of Archaeology, Beijing). $375,000.
  7. 2002‐2005: ARC Discovery Grant DP0210363, Toxic Harvest: The antiquity of rainforest Aboriginal occupation and toxic plant use in long‐term subsistence patterns. Collaborators: Dr Judith Field (Sydney University). $280,000.