Dr Rhiannon Evans

Lecture in Ancient Mediterranean Studies (Rome)

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

Humanities and Social Sciences

HU3 232, Melbourne (Bundoora)


B.A. (Hons), M.A., Ph.D in Classics



Membership of professional associations

Australasian Society of Classical Studies Classical Association of Victoria (Board Member) The Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies

Area of study

Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Brief profile

Rhiannon teaches Ancient Mediterranean Studies, in particular, the literature and culture of Ancient Rome and its empire, as well as the Latin language and Greek and Roman mythology. She studies Roman literature of the 1st centuries BCE and CE, from Julius Caesar to the early emperors of Rome, and she is especially interested in what they can tell us about ancient Romans’ views of their own and other people’s cultural identity. She has published several articles on ancient ethnicity and a book on Roman culture and utopias.

Teaching units

  • MDS1TRW The Roman World
  • MDS2/3CLM Classical Myth
  • LAT1BE1 Beginners Latin 1
  • LAT1BE2 Beginners Latin 2

Recent publications

  • Evans, Rhiannon ‘Barbarian Nation: ethnic terms in Caesar's Bellum Gallicum’, Iris (2013)
  • Evans, Rhiannon ‘The Ghost of Old Rome’: Charles Dickens and the Nineteenth Century Experience of Antiquity’, Amphora (2013)
  • Evans, Rhiannon ‘Learning to be Decadent: Roman Identity and the Luxuries of Others’, ASCS XXXII Selected Proceedings, ed. Anne Mackay (2011)
  • Evans, Rhiannon ‘Tacitus GermaniaThe Literary Encyclopaedia (2010)
  • Evans, Rhiannon ‘Tacitus AgricolaThe Literary Encyclopaedia (2010)
  • Evans, Rhiannon ‘Pliny the Elder’ The Literary Encyclopaedia (2009)
  • Evans, Rhiannon Utopia Antiqua: readings of the Golden Age and Decline at Rome, Routledge, London (2008).
  • Evans, Rhiannon ‘The Cruel Sea? Ocean as Boundary Marker and Transgressor in Roman Geography’ Antichthon (2006)
  • Evans, Rhiannon ‘Geography without people: Mapping in Elder Pliny Historia Naturalis Books 3-6’ Ramus: Critical Studies in Greek and Roman Literature 34.1 (2005)

Older publications

  • Evans, Rhiannon ‘Containment and Corruption: The Discourse of Flavian Empire’ in Flavian Rome: Culture, Image, Text, eds A.J. Boyle and W.J. Dominik, Brill, Leiden (2003)
  • Evans, Rhiannon ’Searching for Paradise: Utopian landscapes in Roman antiquity’, Arethusa (Special Edition on ‘Center and Periphery in the Roman World’ (2003)
  • Evans, Rhiannon ‘Ethnography’s Freak Show: The Grotesques at the Edges of the Roman Earth’, Ramus: Critical Studies in Greek and Roman Literature 28.1 (2000)