Professor Peter

Professor Peter Beilharz

Professor, Director - Thesis Eleven Centre.

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

Humanities and Social Sciences

Social Sciences Building 406, Melbourne (Bundoora)


BA, DipEd, PhD (Monash).



Membership of professional associations

TASA. ASA. Director, Thesis Eleven Centre for Cultural Sociology. Editor, Thesis Eleven. Affiliate in Cultural Sociology, Yale, 2004-. Subeditor, Sage Encyclopedia of Social Theory.

Area of study

Australian Studies
International Development

Brief profile

Peter Beilharz teaches in social theory, cultural sociology and historical sociology. Most of his research is also in these areas including work on socialism and modernity, the idea of antipodean modernity, and ongoing work on Zygmunt Bauman. He is working on three book projects, one on Australian modernity, one on the intellectual biography of Jean Martin, and one consisting of his collected Australian essays. Future projects include a study of the work of Robert Hughes, and a history of Rock Music in Australia, together with Trevor Hogan and Clinton Walker. Peter is a founding editor of the journal Thesis Eleven and Director of the Thesis Eleven Centre for Cultural Sociology at La Trobe. He is a fellow in Cultural Sociology at Yale, and a member of the Bauman Institute at Leeds. He has been Professor of Australian Studies and William Dean Howells Fellow at Harvard, and is regular participant in the events of the American Sociological Association. Peter is also a subeditor, Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social Sciences; William Dean Howells Fellow in American Literature, 1860-1920, Harvard 2002 and was Professor of Australian Studies, Harvard 1999-2000.

Research interests

Political Theory and Political Philosophy

- Labourism

- Socialism

Urban and Regional Studies

- Comparative history of sociology and social theory

- Social theory

Teaching units

SOC2/3CIS - Current Issues in Sociology. SOC2/3PSS - Practising Social Sciences. SOC2/3TCS - Theory, Culture and Society. 4th year Honours.

Recent publications

Beilharz, P 2009, Socialism and Modernity, Minnesota University Press, Minneapolis.


Beilharz, P 2009, 'Agnes Heller's Theory of Modernity', in K Terezakis (ed.), Engaging Agnes Heller: A Critical Companion, Rowman and Littlefields Publishers Inc, Lanham, UK, pp 37-44.


Beilharz, P 2009, 'Socialism and America', in C Calhoun (ed.), Socialism and Modernity, University of Minnesota Press, London, pp 189-200.


Beilharz, P 2009, 'Placing Utopia: Some Classical Images', in P Hayden and C El-Ojeili (eds), Globalization and Utopia: Critical Essays, Palgrave Macmillan, London, pp 13-27.


Beilharz, P 2009, 'Introduction', in C Calhoun (ed.), Socialism and Modernity, University of Minnesota Press, London, pp 7-19.


Beilharz, P 2009, ‘From Sociology to Culture, via Media – Some Thoughts from the Antipodes', American Sociologist, 40(3): 228-232. Beilharz, P 2008, 'Australian Settlements', Thesis Eleven, 95: 58-67. 


Beilharz, P 2007, 'Australia and New Zealand - looking backward, looking forward and the parting of ways', New Zealand Sociology, 22: 315-324. Beilharz, P 2007, ‘Zygmunt Bauman, Culture and Sociology’, Cultural Theory, pp 109-122.


Beilharz, P and Manne, R (eds) 2006, Reflected Light: La Trobe Essays, Melbourne, Black Inc.

Research projects

2004-2006 ARC: Social Division and the Pursuit of Harmony Across the Antipodes in the Twentieth Century.

2004-2006 ARC: The Intellectual Biography of Jean Martin.