Dr Julie

Dr Julie Rudner

Senior Lecturer

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Social Inquiry

Arts Building 4.13, Bendigo


BA (Hons-Environmental Studies); PhD – Conceptions of Risk and Children’s Independent Mobility



Membership of professional associations

Planning Institute of Australia

Area of study


Brief profile

Julie explores interactions between policy, place and people, with a particular focus on how children, young people and people from different ethno-cultural and religious backgrounds use, view and experience their environments. Her main interest is how we create a ‘public knowing’ of risk, safety and belonging that encourages or limits people’s freedom to use public space confidently.  She supports active citizenship through community participation in planning.

Students in her subjects are encouraged to critically appraise community planning and development theory and its application in practice in both richer and poorer countries. In addition, students are challenged to grapple with issues of power, professional ethics, and the role of community development practitioners as ‘knowledge producers and users’ in relation to data production, analyses, and interpretation.  

Research interests

Urban and Regional Studies

- Policy, Public Space, Diverse Populations

Urban Sociology and Community Studies

- Regional Development

Teaching units

  • Power and Place
  • Designing Children's Environments
  • Negotiation, Mediation and Consultation
  • Environmental Regional Studio
  • Work Experience Placement 

HDR Thesis Supervision Completions

Ratnayake, R. 2013. Measuring and developing sense of safety in urban public spaces: a case study comparing local and international university student experiences of low density, designed environments in an Australian regional city. La Trobe University. PhD.  Supervisors: Dr J Rudner (primary) with Dr T Hogan and A/Prof T Budge

Gunawardhana, M. 2017 Community Adaptive Responses for External Environmental Changes in Sri Lanka. La Trobe University. PhD.  Supervisors: Dr J Rudner (primary) with Dr T Hogan and Dr C McMichael

McLean, J. 2016. Assembling the Urban Night: Everynight Life in Melbourne and Singapore. La Trobe University. Masters by Research.  Supervisors: Dr J Rudner (primary) with Dr C Fahey.

Current Supervision

Shahani, F. The Role of Religion in Urban Spaces: The Representation of Islamic Thought in Melbourne Metropolitan Planning. La Trobe University. (completion 2018)  Supervisors: Dr J Rudner (primary) with Dr T Hogan

Manouchehri, B. Towards creating child-friendly cities: Participation of children in planning and analysing the child friendly city (CFC) in Iran. La Trobe University. (completion 2018)  Supervisors: Dr J Rudner (primary) with Dr K McKinnon Co-Supervisor

Tabassum, H. Influence of urban planning on terrorism in Pakistan. La Trobe University. (completion 2018) Supervisors: Dr T Hogan (primary) with Dr J Rudner

Awepuga, F. Urban expansion and the changing peri-urban livelihood-scape enhancing per-urban livelihood sustainability in Ghana. La Trobe University (completion 2021)  Supervisors: Dr A Butt (primary) with Dr J Rudner


Social policy, community engagement; project evaluation

Recent publications


          Book Chapters (Peer Reviewed)

Malone, K. and J. Rudner (2015). Child friendly and sustainable cities: Children’s freedom, mobility and risk. Geographies of Children and Young People. Risk, Protection, Provision and Policy. C. Freeman; P. Tranter; and T. Skelton. Sydney, Springer. 12

Sturup, S., Low, N., Rudner, J., Babb, C., Legacy, C., & Curtis, C. (2012). Institutional barriers and opportunities. In N. Low (Ed.), Transforming urban transport: The ethics, politics and practices of sustainable mobility Oxon: Earthscan. Chapter 11: 111-128.

Articles (Peer Reviewed)

Rudner, J. (2017). "Educating future planners about working with children/young people." Social Inclusion 5(3): Forthcoming.

 Kyttä, M., et al. (2015). The last free-range children? Children’s independent mobility in Finland in the 1990s and 2010s. Journal of Transport Geography 47: 1-12.  5-Year Impact Factor: 3.215

Wilks, J., & Rudner, J. (2013). Active civics and citizenship: Giving children and young people a voice in the city. Australian Journal of Environmental Education. 29(1): 1-17.

 Rudner, J. (2012). Public knowing of risk and children's independent mobility. Progress in Planning, 78(1): 1-53. ERA rank: 5-Year Impact Factor: 2.250

Malone, K. and J. Rudner (2011). Global perspectives on children’s independent mobility:  A socio-cultural comparison and theoretical discussion on children’s lives in four countries in Asia and Africa. Global Studies of Childhood. 1(3): 241-257.

Rudner, J., & Malone, K. (2011). Childhood in the surburbs and the Australian dream: How has it impacted children's independent mobility? Global Studies of Childhood, 1(3): 205-223.

          Academic Conference Papers (Peer Reviewed)

Rudner, J., & Wickramaarachchil, N. (2013) Sri Lankan children's independent mobility. Paper presented at the FARU International Research Symposium Envisaging built environments: Planning, designing and building for tomorrow, Hambanthota, Sri Lanka 14-15 December.

Ratnayake, R., Rudner, J., & Wickramaarachchil, N. (2013). Sense of safety in the Bendigo Central Business Area. Paper presented at the The Australian Sociological Association (TASA)  Conference, Melbourne 26 November.

Rudner, J., Omiya, I., & Manabe, R. (2012). Extending planning education into primary and secondary schools through research. Paper presented at the Australia and New Zealand Association of Planning Schools Conference, Bendigo, Australia 21-3 September. 

Wilks, J., & Rudner, J. (2011). Children's citizenship: Participation through planning and urban design. Paper presented at the State of Australian Cities National Conference, Melbourne,  30 Nov - 2 December. ERA rank: A

Rudner, J (2009) ‘Risk, policy and children’s independent mobility’. Peer reviewed paper presented at State of Australian Cities Conference, Perth, Australia: 24-27 November. 

Government and other Reports

Rudner, J. (2017). Social Cohesion in Bendigo: Understanding community attitudes to the Mosque in 2015. Community Planning and Development, La Trobe University: Bendigo.

Rudner J, Butt A, Strong K. (2016). Project RENEW: Community engagement and wellbeing in and management projects. Report II. La Trobe University: Bendigo.

Rudner, J., Butt, A., Donovan, J. (2015). Robinvale Community Plan Review: Community Engagement Results. Community Planning & Development, La Trobe University: Bendigo.

Rudner, J., Ratnayake, R., Wickramaraachchi, N., Roussac, S. (2014) A safe place? Migrants’ experience of safety in two regional cities. Community Planning & Development, La Trobe University: Bendigo.

Laatikainen, T., Broberg, A., & Rudner, J. (2013). Children and young people of Bendigo - Important places, everyday mobility and perceived health. Helsinki: Centre for Urban and Regional Studies.

Rudner, J., Munasinghe, J., & Wickramaarachchi, N. (2012). Children's independent mobility: Five different settlement types in Sri Lanka. Bendigo: Community Planning and Development Working Paper, La Trobe University.

Rudner, J., Kennedy, M., DeAraugo, P., Budge, T., & Butt, A. (2012). The place of our children in community building: Turning theory into practice. Policy review report. (Vol. 1). Bendigo: City of Greater Bendigo, La Trobe University, Southern Cross University. Peer Reviewed.

Rudner, J., Kennedy, M., Holland, W., Wilks, J., Donovan, J., Shaw, M., Neville, D., Budge, T., & Butt, A. (2012). The place of children in community building: Putting theory into practice. Children's and young people's engagement report (Vol. 2). Bendigo: La Trobe University. Peer Reviewed.

Popular Media

16 March 2017 Public Panel: Bendigo: What is the vision for a free and cosmopolitan city of the future? http://www.latrobe.edu.au/bold-thinking/stream

8 March ABC Regional Victoria with Fiona Parker https://www.facebook.com/abccentralvictoria/videos/1415657948505595/

16 March 2017 Public Panel: Bendigo: What is the vision for a free and cosmopolitan city of the future? http://www.latrobe.edu.au/bold-thinking/stream

 5 July 2017 Mornings with Jon Faine (at 42 mins 9 secs)


Rudner, J. (2012). Risk and fear, and why parents don't let their children go places by themselves [Podcast], Big Fat Ideas. Melbourne: La Trobe University.


Rudner, J. (2012). Catering to kids in urban design [Radio Interview] Off Track. Australia: Australian Broadcasting Corporation. http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/offtrack/catering-to-kids-in-urban-design/4044366

Rudner, J. (2011). Young Ambassador's Program [Radio Interview]. In Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Life Matters. Melbourne.    http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/lifematters/young-design-ambassadors/3700886

Research projects

2016 Victorian Multicultural Commission, Social Cohesion in Bendigo: Understanding community attitudes to the Mosque in 2015, Dr J Rudner $43,180

2015 Swan Hill Rural Council, Community Research for the Robinvale Community Plan, Dr J Rudner. $9500

2015 La Trobe University Building Healthy Communities Grant, Rural and city design workshops to promote breastfeeding in public space, Dr L Amir, Dr J Rudner, Dr H Johns, K Adams, D Remfry & S Tawia $19,925.80

2013 Victorian Department of Justice, A safe place? Migrants’ experience of safety in two regional cities, Dr J Rudner. $10,000

2013 Helen McPherson, Building the Health of Regional Communities, Dr A Butt, Dr J Rudner. $300,000

2011 City of Greater Bendigo, The Place of Our Children in Community Building, A/Prof Trevor Budge, Dr J Rudner, $22500

2011 City of Greater Bendigo, Everyday Urbanity, A Laatikainen, Dr A Broberg, Dr J Rudner

2010 La Trobe University Early Career Researcher Grant, Independent mobility as a critical aspect of children’s health and quality of life: An international cross-cultural and historical comparison, Dr J Rudner $5,000

2011 La Trobe University Grant, Research and Practice: Sustainability Through Child Friendly Cities, Dr J Rudner $4,669